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  3. @Bryen Oh my, that's beautiful thank you :D I will send you monies as soon as I get to a PC. <3
  4. Both if possible, if not i'd prefer the shiny one.
  5. - Template1 - Name: Elanil Team: - Render: Gardevoir/Shiny Gardevoir Text color (optional): Surprise me Stain color (optional): Surprise me Donation: Of course! Though sorta kinda broke, will 150k make you smile? ;^;
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  8. IGN: Elanil I think it's about time i've finally integrated into the community. Including the fun little forum community here. So here I am with something that I believe might be able to help everyone and maybe myself. I'm still a bit too shy to try and sell comp-ready pokemon but i'll get there eventually but for now i'll settle for this. I live on a EST/UTC time zone and for the most part whenever i'm not working, lately i've been playing on PokeMMO. So it's not like you'd have to wait long either. If you have any questions just ask me in a PM on the forums here, or ingame on CH1. As a preemptive measure at the start of you asking me to train your pokemon, I will ask you to give me 50% of the overall total once you give me the pokemon to begin training, in case you would like to take your pokemon back. Which of course you can do at any time considering it's your little 'mon. EV Training Prices HP - 20k Attack - 25k Defense - 20k SP.Attack - 25k SP.Defense - 20k Speed - 20k Level 50 - 5k Every Level after 50 - 1k Every Level after 75 - 2k Partial EV's are negotiable and will generally result in similar pricing. What these prices mean is that i'll go ahead and take your pokemon and train them to the specifics you'd like. So for instance, if you'd like a pokemon that has : 252 Attack and Speed, that'd cost 45K simple as that, if you would want me to level it up to 50 for you as well that'd take simply just cost 50K total for the entirety of it. I will not teach your pokemon ANY moves whilst leveling up unless you specify it beforehand Note: This whole process could take a few hours, so please be patient! Also, if I don't get back to you with the utmost speed that means that i'm more than likely at work. (Generally 6PM-10PM EST)