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  1. @AY2018 Soulja and somemilk have done a few more edits to your sprites. Glaceon's new backsprite is still in draft form right now. We really appreciate your sprites and how quickly you have been posting them here. The spriters especially like your unique design choices so far. We would really like it if you came to join us in the Discord server. Most of our ongoing sprite work happens there. Discord Link: https://discord.gg/cNy74Br @GARCHOMP You are invited to the Discord server too. Click the link above to join us.
  2. We don't have a need to make zips for sprites when half of them need improvement/are incomplete. On the one hand you could learn how to use romhacking tools just to view the sprites. On the other hand, you could also go to the discord server and look at the channel we have specifically set up for people to see what the sprites look like. All this patch does is replace Pokemon sprites with Moemon sprites. Torchic cannot be found normally in Fire Red. Perhaps you are on the wrong thread or didn't bother to read the first post of this thread.
  3. Have you tried reading the FAQ in the first post (the same place you should have downloaded the patch from)? The spoiler tab is even kindly named FAQ and is even located above where the download link is.
  4. @GARCHOMP Go to the first post and follow the link to a discord server for Moemon. All of the spriters are there now. We will have an easier time looking at your sprites and taking them into consideration if you join us on discord.
  5. A little more information would have been nice. While this may be a patch that can be played on any emulator that supports GBA games, it's not like every emulator works the exact same. So which emulator are you using? Without knowing the specific emulator you are on, I can only give generic solutions that may or may not solve anything. I do know that on some emulators, if you did not change the save type to 128k before starting the game, then it won't always save properly and can reset post-Elite 4 progress.
  6. So now Masquerain as a base for Garchomp. Anyways, you guys do realize that most of the community for this and other Moemon forums has moved to discord, right? Then again, I guess not everyone bothers to check the front page most of the time.
  7. The few people that had this problem all had a bad copy of the rom. You'll have to find a different Squirrels rom somewhere on the Internet and hope that it is actually, truly clean.
  8. This patch is not compatible with PokeMMO anymore. Check the Other Ports for a Moemon patch that is compatible with PokeMMO. You'll have to follow the instructions yourself since the thread seems to be inactive and practically no one that works on Revival knows how to use PokeMMO.
  9. The answer to these questions are within the readme file that comes with the patch. Please pay attention to it as it contains a lot of important information that the creator(s) do not wish to constantly repeat.
  10. It should be possible to increase the number of PC boxes, but it is not yet considered important enough to implement. Probably once it becomes an actual concern (as in players actually playing the game report that they are running out of space to hold different Moemon) adding extra PC boxes will become a priority.
  11. Head over to the discord linked in the first post. Somewhere around 1/3 (or more) of Hoenn needs to be revamped. And there are other projects for Moemon beyond the first three gens. Also, I'd argue that Mankey is pretty tomboyish if you really want a tomboy sprite.
  12. I think he might be talking about PokeMMO. Which has nothing to do with this patch at all. There are no extra PC boxes here namely because there aren't enough Moemon to cause you to need them. You cannot encounter more than maybe 20 Moemon from Gen IV+. Neither the Mega patch or Revival are compatible with PokeMMO. The Other Ports might have a file for PokeMMO compatibility. Check the links on the first page of this thread to find it.
  13. Count this as both highlights from the Discord and teaching people how to read a key/legend.
  14. This IS an Android version. Just patch the rom and play it on a mobile emulator. Google whatever else you don't understand.
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