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  1. Dinkle

    Dex completion reward. Give us SOMETHING

    At the moment there is no need to complete your dex, but that is literally what this suggestion is about......
  2. Dinkle

    Dex completion reward. Give us SOMETHING

    "meaningless" but takes alot of effort, and if you put that amount of effort into something you deserve to get a reward IMO.
  3. Dinkle

    Dex completion reward. Give us SOMETHING

    I did read half of it
  4. Dinkle

    Dex completion reward. Give us SOMETHING

    You didn't really think i was going to read all of it did you?
  5. Dinkle

    Dex completion reward. Give us SOMETHING

    Not a bad suggestion, I think having item that works like a donator status would be better than most of the other suggestions with things like: A egg hatching buff ( 10% quicker etc ) Faster rate of receiving eggs Better catch rate Half price or free safari visits More safari steps/balls 10% extra money from trainer battles ( including gyms and E4 ) I think having something like that would be better because it provides a long lasting reward ( instead of just getting a shiny and then people asking for more because they got bored of said shiny ). Also if there was to be any sort of tradeable item as a reward for completing the dex i think it's safe to say that you will have to complete OT dex and not owned dex as people could just trade 577 pokemon and farm the reward with no effort.
  6. Dinkle

    Pokeball hotkey in battles

    It isn't a necessity but it would be nice if we could just press a hotkey to throw a pokeball instead of having to go into our bag and scroll through all of our items, it would making catching pokes alot easier and it would make farming breeders abit quicker too. You can already use hotkeys for healing items so i don't see why this suggestion should cause any problems. https://www.dropbox.com/s/pyv4cpub2gngr69/2018-02-21_09-42-24.mp4?dl=0
  7. Good suggestion, i can see how it can be useful to alot of people, e.g. 1. Making sure everyone gets the right info to prevent people from getting ripped off 2. Gives people the knowledge on whether a certain item will be coming back, this will then let them either buy it from the GTL or wait until the event comes around and buy it from the gift shop I am rather confused by this as : Shouldn't there be something on the gingerbread hood one under the name? Or did i just misunderstand your use of the word categorisation?
  8. Dinkle

    More "Team based PVE things"

    Battle frontier
  9. Dinkle

    What's your fav pokemon

    Toxicroak cuz even the ugly ones need some loving <3~~~~~ >"
  10. Dinkle

    get rid of the 5 post needed to post a suggestion

    stop spam plz
  11. Dinkle

    get rid of the 5 post needed to post a suggestion

    It will also put a end to people spam posting 5 threads just to be able to post in here I don't know who would do that............................................................................................................................................................................................... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Also considering there isn't anything really as useful as making a suggestion alot of people will never hit the 5 post minimum required to post in here ( without spam posting ). And who knows, we might miss out on a suggestion that would change the game to make it more enjoyable for everybody just because they couldn't post in suggestion box :'v
  12. Dinkle


    stop lie
  13. Dinkle


    Is that new? Swear i just got put into the next round instantly in the past
  14. Dinkle


    I thought you just got put into it automatically anyway? Pretty sure that's what happened with me

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