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  1. can you change 53+98 to "Drinkle" please, i got banned XD
  2. .-=[Dinkles' Power Leveling Service]=-. (!Gonna keep it short and simple to avoid confusion!) INFO : IGN - Drinkle Times - Literally 24/7 Contact - Whisper me in game OR post a request below with your IGN attached. Level/Price Range : 1-25 = $500/per level 25-50 = $750/per level 50-75 = $1250/per level 75-90 = $1750/per level 90-100 = $2250/per level If you would like to see what EXP group your pokemon comes under click this link: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/List_of_Pokémon_by_experience_type (this is so you have a idea of how long it will take)
  3. LE BUMP
  4. Right now if you want
  5. Thanks anyway :D
  6. Yeah but them services don't go to 100 :p
  7. Fist Bump
  8. Bumpercars
  9. Whoa thankyou its amazing :D <3
  10. - Template1 - Name: DINKLE Team: Render: Psychic Silvally (Left) + Bug Silvally (Right) Text color (optional): Purple (Left) + Green (Right) Stain color (optional): Green (Left) + Purple (Right) Donation: Yes ( in a few days tho i am poor ;~; ) *UPDATE* i has donation money
  11. Prices are there, to avoid complication I will just do prices based on how many times I level the pokemon up. Would be too tedious to do it based on exp if you think about it.
  12. Bumpskies