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  1. And then 3 shinies whilst trying to hatch a shiny pory <//////////////3
  2. Also had, tauros and loudred run </3
  3. Vanity Item Suggestions

    I think it should be colored too >_>
  4. Shiny Psyduck Lottery

    4 and 9 (Drinkle)
  5. Vanity Item Suggestions

    Mario kart bike skin SLOT : Bike Skin Reference : https://media.giphy.com/media/10RgZyfaX0HBSg/giphy.gif
  6. New bike skins

    Oh haha, thanks alot.
  7. New bike skins

  8. New bike skins

    Whoa a mod commented and it wasn't about me breaking the rules, am i famous now?
  9. New bike skins

    Just like the motorcycle I want another bike skin, I was thinking of mario karts.
  10. Remove Gym Rematch Puzzles

    Remove the gym puzzles when you go to rematch the gyms. Had to reupload because who knows.
  11. Pokemon Peewe League (PPL)

    Do it
  12. Pokedex egg groups

    Allow us to filter the pokedex via egg groups, inb4 "JuSt uSe tHe gTl fIlTeR" >>>>>>>> "bUt wHaT If tHE GtL dOeSnT hAvE aLl oF ThEm pOkEmOn", K FaNx bI
  13. Trade capacity

    Allow us to trade boxes of pokemon at once as a pc option, as 12 trades of 5 pokes adds up to a LOOOOOOOOOOONG TIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIME, k fanx bi

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