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  1. Sorry bro my internet pack validity expired yesterday and I just recharged today. Hop hop congratcongrats
  2. Team Tournament - Doubles Sunday 16th December 12PM EST / 10PM IST / 9:30AM MST / 12:30 PM EST  Time Zone Converter Clauses : Evasion / Sleep / OHKO / Unique Species / Self-KO / OP Item Rules :Doubles Location : Island 4 ch1 PC Host : MonkeyDmathew PRIZES First Place 5x30 wingul & 400k Second Place LifeOrb
  3. Team Catching Event Hop - Hop - HOPPIP ! #2 (Saturday 15th December) 12PM EST / 10PM IST / 9:30AM MST / 12:30 PM EST Time Zone Converter When You Use A Bird To Write With It's Called Tweeting Hei Hei Hoppip Nature Bonus (+10 points): Timid or Rash *We'll be allowing a limited amount of non-members to participate Rules:To win this event you must catch the highest total (IV + Nature Bonus)All Pokemon must have been caught at Memorial Pillar and within the event time. You
  4. Congrats dude!! Dunno why u crazy on this pig lol Anyway congrats Atm: 0 OT
  5. Regina so fast xD!!!! Congrats for hatching "shiny frog with onion in back " Lol regina was watching TV and agis hatched bulba in her account. LoL Can't stop laughing, u got insane rng regina and agis got worse rng than nik and better rng than me. No doubt welcome to 'NSP' grp @agis!!!! Jajjaja When I will get my shiny?????
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