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  1. RedDragonERa

    Happy Holidays - Snowman Lottery!

    19 Hehe Thanks lava
  2. RedDragonERa

    Hop - Hop - HOPPIP ! #2

    Sorry bro my internet pack validity expired yesterday and I just recharged today. Hop hop congratcongrats
  3. Team Tournament - Doubles Sunday 16th December 12PM EST / 10PM IST / 9:30AM MST / 12:30 PM EST  Time Zone Converter Clauses : Evasion / Sleep / OHKO / Unique Species / Self-KO / OP Item Rules :Doubles Location : Island 4 ch1 PC Host : MonkeyDmathew PRIZES First Place 5x30 wingul & 400k Second Place LifeOrb
  4. Team Catching Event Hop - Hop - HOPPIP ! #2 (Saturday 15th December) 12PM EST / 10PM IST / 9:30AM MST / 12:30 PM EST Time Zone Converter When You Use A Bird To Write With It's Called Tweeting Hei Hei Hoppip Nature Bonus (+10 points): Timid or Rash *We'll be allowing a limited amount of non-members to participate Rules:To win this event you must catch the highest total (IV + Nature Bonus)All Pokemon must have been caught at Memorial Pillar and within the event time. You will have 45 minutes to catch your entry.Pokemon must be the player's OTOnly one entry per player15 minutes will be given after the event for players to link their entryHave funHosts : MonkeyDmathew / ReDragonnPrize : 1million > choiceband > 100k Good Luck! May RNG be with you! * If you're interested in participating please pm MonkeyDMatthew before the event day :3
  5. RedDragonERa

    Shiny Showcase

  6. RedDragonERa

    Shiny Showcase

  7. RedDragonERa

    Shiny Showcase

    remove this
  8. RedDragonERa

    [läva] Team läva

    Party mood
  9. RedDragonERa

    [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    Congrats dude!! Dunno why u crazy on this pig lol Anyway congrats Atm: 0 OT
  10. RedDragonERa

    Monophobia #2

  11. RedDragonERa

    Boss's birthday :)

    Happy birthday mat:)
  12. RedDragonERa

    Shiny Showcase

    Regina hatched shiny Bulbasaur
  13. RedDragonERa

    Shiny Showcase

    Regina so fast xD!!!! Congrats for hatching "shiny frog with onion in back " Lol regina was watching TV and agis hatched bulba in her account. LoL Can't stop laughing, u got insane rng regina and agis got worse rng than nik and better rng than me. No doubt welcome to 'NSP' grp @agis!!!! Jajjaja When I will get my shiny?????
  14. RedDragonERa

    Who you gunna call "Ash Ketchum"

    Damn I missed Anyway grats

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