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  1. Other regions

    When is the update of johto and sinoh?
  2. OU COMPS FOR SALE(2 Great dittos added)

    Do u wish to trade? Or just money
  3. Unova Starters

    In case of move pool: oshawatt is best Also good hm slave. When it evolve
  4. Official PokeMMO Rom

    Now, we play MMO using roms fire red, emerald and soon BW. But, I prefer an official PokeMMO rom. I have played many romhacks of fire red and emerald like that I like to play an offical rom of PokeMMO. I prefer MMO staffs to make a new rom as official. A change in map, new cities with new names and no change to pokemon, NPC gamers, moves, breeding system. I hope everybody understood.
  5. SCompany ~ new comps

    I want a : Calm bulbasaur HP fire 31/30/31/30/31/30 Egg move:gigadrain How much will it cost?
  6. SCompany ~ new comps

    What's your in game name? And when u will be in game for usual?
  7. selling comps, + shiny mareep

    Info on all Venusaur and milotic
  8. Kaynine - WTB Leppa + Shiny Ludi or evo. WTS Comps.

    Maybe I need some bundles.I will catch u in game later.maybe through mail.
  9. Seed Trading Hub

    Guys,I am looking for all seeds. I will buy 99×all variety of seeds. Please whisper me in game IGN--'RedDragonERA'
  10. Thanks, me whisper u later.in game, probably mail
  11. Lol,I don't need shiny XATU and buzz.I just need comp of the both. Please tell your IGN. Thus, I can mail u details
  12. I really need to buy your XATU and electabuzz.... My IGN is "RedDragonEra" I will mail u extra details in game. If u tell your IGN. Please save that XATU and electabuzz for me
  13. Hi Nikhil

    Your name looks like familiar



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