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  1. Termi's Shop (Added Shiny Smeargle)

    relaxed forrestress:info on egg moves and ev .
  2. Best Dragon type

    my favorite salamence, but when competitive strikes garchomb
  3. Info on pokes

    I know heading didn't give any guess on what suggestion really is. As like Pokemon owners can give nickname to pokes, I wish we can add new option for writing memorable info about that particular Pokemon. For example : 1-my first shiny Pokemon 2-My first myself breeded Pokemon. I hope everyone understand what I meant and regret me for bad English.
  4. [MOD] HD items

    Nice work mate
  5. Other regions

    When is the update of johto and sinoh?
  6. Unova Starters

    In case of move pool: oshawatt is best Also good hm slave. When it evolve
  7. Official PokeMMO Rom

    Now, we play MMO using roms fire red, emerald and soon BW. But, I prefer an official PokeMMO rom. I have played many romhacks of fire red and emerald like that I like to play an offical rom of PokeMMO. I prefer MMO staffs to make a new rom as official. A change in map, new cities with new names and no change to pokemon, NPC gamers, moves, breeding system. I hope everybody understood.
  8. Ev training service

    Info on all Venusaur and milotic
  9. Seed Trading Hub

    Guys,I am looking for all seeds. I will buy 99×all variety of seeds. Please whisper me in game IGN--'RedDragonERA'
  10. Hi Nikhil

    Your name looks like familiar



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