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  1. How much you want for poli?

    1. ManiacPirate


      to late its gone


  2. http://imgur.com/lRC2Pub this link is for image idk i am new i never did this before :'c
  3. I got the image on imgur should I give link? http://imgur.com/a/tr9WM
  4. hmm let me try lol if I can't I will just write what it says
  5. it says something about internet I retryed refreshed internet and everything but Java fails and didn't download ~
  6. I have everything but Java fucked up I am gonna cry if whole update comes and not work for my old shitty laptop
  7. rip me Java didn't install for some reason :/
  8. I would say pvp I just want more shiny chances XD
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