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  1. Could you leave the color of the text a little red?
  2. Item (Signature/Avatar/Both):Avatar Size:Whatever you think is best Ok :p Render:Black Wolf with dark eyes Color Scheme:Dark and Red Text if any:
  3. Text:Lubiin Team (If you want it added):---- Character/Pokemon:LycanrocSun and Dark Background:If possible it could leave a little dark with some of those animations like those of pokémon with animations in the signatures if not let alone with the animation of the lycanroc without being dark even in the animation Animation:Your Choice
  4. Hello @Ploegy I changed my account when I finished the drawing I asked for I would call for this account because I exclude the other :3 I know how long it takes to do arts and I'm patient type you're lucky because most people do not like to wait hehe Sometimes I wanted to have a tablet to draw better there as I wanted to have one sometimes the world and unfair right? I am @Loubynhooo the one from above who asked for the drawing hehe
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