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  1. WC showdown tiers do not work, PSL just works because there are no restrictions on players by nationality
  2. IGN: JhowCrazy Country/Pais: Brasil Tiers: OU UU NU Doubles
  3. IGN: JhowCrazy Time Zone (GMT format): GMT -3 Tiers: NU (I play all tiers but I feel safer playing NU currently) Fluff: try your luck and find out if it was a good hire
  4. Team preview, but the thumbnails are hidden
  5. colocaram a minha sugestão em prática mesmo nescau, agora só falta você me dar um hat desse kkkkk
  6. Name: JhowCrazy Team Tag: PWBR Character(s)/Pokemon(s): Shiny Slaking Render (Optional): Theme Colors: you choose Type of Artwork: Regular Signatures (gif or still image) Animated?: you choose Donation: 50k Additional information: the color of the letters may be yellow
  7. Type: Hat Name: Duskrazy MaskImage of Item: @Darkshade
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