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  1. It gets quite hard when you try to move your pokemon around so why not have fullscreen window while using your pc, just like GTL. Maybe have party visible on a side.
  2. Total amount of exp you got from that battle is 985*2. In double battles exp gain is calculated after fainting first pokemon, so nothing wrong here.
  3. Bartolomew

    Two bugs with hotkey'd items

    They do.
  4. 1.) Registered items at slot 5+ do not save after exiting the game. 2.) After your screen timeouts or after pressing "power" button, the hotkey list disappears. Registering another item, or reloging fixes it.
  5. Bartolomew

    Fatal error rendering

    You get this error when a battle starts and you still have pokemon popup window open. Idk why quality is so shit http://imgur.com/gallery/1VNGAPZ
  6. Bartolomew

    Is Unova Route 18 Dark Grass part disabled ?

    you can access it
  7. Bartolomew

    Why haven't hidden abilities been released yet

  8. Bartolomew

    PokeMMO Battle Association - Signup thread

    Player name: Bartolomew Timezone: Cest Preferred date of draft: 25th/26th/27th May or 1st/2nd/3rd of June Do I think I can be active for the duration of this event: Yes Team name: shrug
  9. Bartolomew

    Will there be Mobile Payment Options?

    Game won't be on google store most likely, so no.
  10. Bartolomew

    List of "Hidden" pokemons for Pokedex

    Anyone knows how gym leader team rotations work? After ~10 battles I did, the gym leader always had the same team. Is it average level, party lead, season, any other obscure reason or just pure RNG?
  11. Bartolomew

    The Art of Collecting Volcanic Ash

    You can EV train special attack while collecting ash,it takes more time, but you get decent amount of ash. Pickup, payday also works, you can get metal coat/charcoal and about 150$ per battle. Edit: Ash "restarts" after you enter any building, exiting and reentering route doesnt work. This is the most optimal route I found. Enter building to "restart" ash, repeat.

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