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  1. Cheesy strategies shouldnt exist in mmo, its a good change imo
  2. Game won't be on google store most likely, so no.
  3. Anyone knows how gym leader team rotations work? After ~10 battles I did, the gym leader always had the same team. Is it average level, party lead, season, any other obscure reason or just pure RNG?
  4. You can EV train special attack while collecting ash,it takes more time, but you get decent amount of ash. Pickup, payday also works, you can get metal coat/charcoal and about 150$ per battle. Edit: Ash "restarts" after you enter any building, exiting and reentering route doesnt work. This is the most optimal route I found. Enter building to "restart" ash, repeat.
  5. No because of the same reason we can't turn off battle animations.
  6. One of B2/W2 obtainable medals in game.
  7. Well would a sentence "Doing repetitive tasks over and over again for the sake of getting desirable item/Pokemon by using the same method." be a better description for it? Grinding (or however you want to call it) isn't particularly a bad thing. Breeding certain egg move Pokemon with competitive Ivs or battling Battle Tower at a streak 50+ can be really enjoyable even when doing it multiple times. I get what you mean, people get "triggered" when they hear a word grind, but it's not actually that bad.
  8. Yea while they are at it, why dont they make every pokemon encounter shiny with perfect IVs? All you want is to make game easier. Every Most mmos need to be grindy to keep people playing.
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