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  1. Togepi lvl 10 using metronome ! yayy
  2. Character Name: Kmiliz Pokemon Name: Phonpo Pokemon Typing: Electric/Dark Dex Entry: Phonpo (from english "Photon") >>DarknessShock Pokemon<< This Pokemon can use every shadow and the darkness of the night to create a big mass of electricity wich is used against enemies, causing big damage while paralyzing them. Phonpo is a city Pokemon and can just be found in the night or in rainy days when electric storms are near. It's a lone Pokemon type that will usually hunt alone, rather than with others. PLUS: it's cute ♣
  3. Kmiliz

    Quick Wishlist

    Create buyable girl hair. Receive gtl things on mail, without going to pc. And idk what else. C: jiji
  4. Is this moemon thing useable? How can I make it work? I want them so badly :c
  5. GOSHHH!!! Where did you get that theme with such cute poke"lolis" *-*!
  6. Basic Vanity Shop in game. Enjoy. KANTO
  7. Wow i forgot about the snow storm xdd Sorry x.x!! From now i'll start doing it "tinier"
  8. Nop, solo uno, por gay. Ahora los haré así :3
  9. Desde ahora los haré asi :B Quedaste maduro y sensual :$
  10. Desde ahora los haré asi :B Tu pj esta triste porque parece monito :'c asdjsd
  11. ya veo que te burlas :'c ajdsokjsd
  12. Intenté hacer las caras extrañas pero ñe xD Espero este sea de tu agrado :u
  13. Más feo jajaja como que se parece a mario bros xd
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