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  1. This is... PERFECT! Thank you so much for making this video.
  2. HexedHero

    Hi =)

    Welcome! Enjoy you're stay here.
  3. An event board! I like it!
  4. Update 1.1 is now out! Go download it!
  5. Thanks for reporting the mistakes, there should be an update today fixing these. I'm new to Gen 3+ so I just went off the wiki and didn't even know they gained Fairy at Gen 6.
  6. Damn, I just went off the Wiki. I'll get changing! Thanks for letting me know.
  7. I'm so glad I found this! It's amazing!
  8. I mean, you can just use this mod but, it'll end up looking weird, since the trainers/wild pokemon will be the X/Y spirits and your Pokemon won't be, that's why it's highly recommended.
  9. Hello! I saw this mod, I loved it, went to download and... download was broken and it only shown 4 DMG types. So I decided to make my own! Firstly, This is a modified version of the X/Y Battle Spirits made by: GigoloimCabrio & Facus26 so I've HIGHLY recommend using that mod WITH this! This is an add-on for it. Every single Pokemon has the DMG Icons, a normal black border means that type of move will do 2x DMG and a type with a red border will do 4x DMG! To Install: Download below and put the "Battle Sprites DMG Icons Vx.x.zip" into your "PokeMMO/Data/Mods", run PokeMMO and go into the Mod management menu and tick the mod on there and you MUST disable the Mod "Battle_Sprites_Front_Normal" from GigoloimCabrio & Facus26. Screenshots: Download Latest: Battle Sprites DMG Icons V1.1 Older Downloads: Changelog: If there is a lot of support for default spirits with DMG Icons I might do it! But this took over 3 days / 12+ hours or just editing gifs. Thanks for supporting the mod! Please comment below telling me any feedback or bugs you've found!
  10. Isn't streaming to Youtube like, the same as Twitch..?
  11. Why do you need a new computer to stream on Twitch lol?
  12. Stream on Twitch and I'd love to watch, I hate Youtube Live Streaming.
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