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  1. This is... PERFECT! Thank you so much for making this video.
  2. An event board! I like it!
  3. Update 1.1 is now out! Go download it!
  4. Thanks for reporting the mistakes, there should be an update today fixing these. I'm new to Gen 3+ so I just went off the wiki and didn't even know they gained Fairy at Gen 6.
  5. Damn, I just went off the Wiki. I'll get changing! Thanks for letting me know.
  6. I'm so glad I found this! It's amazing!
  7. I mean, you can just use this mod but, it'll end up looking weird, since the trainers/wild pokemon will be the X/Y spirits and your Pokemon won't be, that's why it's highly recommended.
  8. Hello! I saw this mod, I loved it, went to download and... download was broken and it only shown 4 DMG types. So I decided to make my own! Firstly, This is a modified version of the X/Y Battle Spirits made by: GigoloimCabrio & Facus26 so I've HIGHLY recommend using that mod WITH this! This is an add-on for it. Every single Pokemon has the DMG Icons, a normal black border means that type of move will do 2x DMG and a type with a red border will do 4x DMG! To Install: Download below and put the "Battle Sprites DMG Icons Vx.x.zip" into your "PokeMMO/Data/Mods", run PokeMMO and go into the Mod management menu and tick the mod on there and you MUST disable the Mod "Battle_Sprites_Front_Normal" from GigoloimCabrio & Facus26. Screenshots: Download Latest: Battle Sprites DMG Icons V1.1 Older Downloads: Changelog: If there is a lot of support for default spirits with DMG Icons I might do it! But this took over 3 days / 12+ hours or just editing gifs. Thanks for supporting the mod! Please comment below telling me any feedback or bugs you've found!
  9. - Template1 - Name: HexedHero Team: - Render: Cute Swampert Text color (optional): Whatever looks the best Stain color (optional): Whatever looks the best Donation: I just started :(
  10. Isn't streaming to Youtube like, the same as Twitch..?
  11. Why do you need a new computer to stream on Twitch lol?
  12. Stream on Twitch and I'd love to watch, I hate Youtube Live Streaming.
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