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  1. Remove this we dont need another change in the economy. Ty.
  2. Someone has a hatched one, Modest female x31... So there are 3 actives atm Edit: Deleted name for avoid delete
  3. Clean this spam pls Also: Theres a new Shiny Togepi (Togekiss Right now)
  4. You will find one soon Look, it happens to me all the time that I'm looking for MONTHS. And every time I walk away from where I was looking for hordes and I start playing quietly ((And without donor status) ... BOOM, The shiny appears from nowhere. The Shiny Hunt is a matter of Patience, Dedication, and Luck obviously. The trick is not to despair ^^ Edit: If you are spanish rate is 1/3000 :v @jonulo
  5. Why you ask, i know who has the last active TRADEABLE one... e.e.e..e.e.e.e.e..e may is me... maybe no.. Why you ask xdxd
  6. The staff does not allow to talk about why players get banned. You should ask via PM or something to another player. We can't say what he did in public.
  7. Do not get carried away by what two useless people did, stay with your name, impose respect. They are one of the best and oldest teams that this game has, a lot of people respect them, and nobody has the right to speak ill of the team for the actions of these players. I know that my vote does not count at all, but in my opinion they should go ahead as a good team they are. From my side they have all my support and that of my team. Good luck guys! You can overcome this
  8. Jajajjajajajajjajajajajjaja
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