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  1. Kipp

    guess the new vanities

    yes, big won
  2. Kipp

    Pokemon Sale/Budget Breeding

    edited OP and added 2 mons
  3. will be listing new stuff every now and then may be able to breed some budget comps mostly 1x31 ex: 25+/27+/25+/x/25+/31 price is 200-300k depending on gender and egg moves Male only breeds depends on which dittos i have at the moment IGN: handsomeboykipp Pokemon for sale tyrouge (hitmontop) 29/30/31/x/29/26 Impish mach punch,hi jump kick egg moves untrained send me offer Throh 28/28/29/x/28/27 Careful untrained 300k Swellow 27/29/31/18/1/31 adamant 252 atk speed brave bird, u turn, facade, quick attack $150k gtl Grimer 28/28/29/0/28/23 adamant 252 atk curse, lick, mean look, shadow sneak $150k gtl Tangrowth 29/13/27/25/28/27 bold 252 hp leech seed amnesia $150k gtl
  4. Kipp

    WTB NU Comps // LF Breeder

    I have a timid sceptile id sell can also breed you a brav and crustle ill try to catch you in game
  5. Kipp

    Winterclaw's SHOP! Closed for now.

    I could use some EV training and leveling. Whats your ign?
  6. Any budget comps for the poor boys? i may be interested
  7. Kipp


    Not yet. he still hasnt suggested that they should allow us to choose one pokemon to start our journey. Then they should implement a badge system so we can collect them.
  8. Kipp

    Accidental accept press

    Go to setting and select auto decline And toupi with that snipe
  9. Kipp

    Shiny OT possible replacement

    At this point I rather just remove shinies from game. i mean the “shiny market” is just scamming noobs or shiny traders selling to each other and prrtending anyone else buys them
  10. @DeadGorilla would love to play send him a pm hes been wanting to quit AFKn :)
  11. Kipp

    [Art] Soda's Skatches 2.0

    Hola sodita. quiero un skatch. I want me and my parasect catching a bunch of paras in mt moon. i know you ain’t taking requests now but whenever you get the chance pls. will pay 1k rp or 1m cause you deserve it bb love your work:)

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