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  1. Lowered Price and add a couple things
  2. More NUs Added. sorry zymo, didnt see your post, hope it was you that bought it.
  3. bump. almost all gone
  4. Updated sold. taking offers on trick room mons. buy them all and ill give a good deal
  5. Id like to see Lotus added, i think hes a strong player. though i know my opinion doesnt matter since none of you know who i am
  6. removed all sold, will probably add some more soon
  7. all are listed on GTL all are fully EV tarined unless mentioned. all should have proper egg moves if they need it Might List more and maybe can breed. IVs like the ones listed better to contact me through forum messages if you buy multuples ill give discount message me in game ign: YouthOfToday NU Braviary - Careful 31/27/28/x/31/31 - 800k Clefable - Calm 30/x/26/25/28/31 - 150k Blastoise - Bold - 29/x/27/28/28/26 - 175k Doubles/OU Magikarp - Impish 30/26/28/x/28/27 - EV trained 80k Trick room Crawdaunt - Brave - 28/27/29/29/26/7 - 50k EV trained Lvl 32
  8. yep, all that is true and while it isnt a direct comparison its as good as it will get. you really have to play around things with sun, it isnt as easy to use as the other weather options which is why it isnt as popular like i mentioned, scizor was a BIG threat which is why i was forced to add magneton. magneton aslo deals with ferrothorn and skarmory since shed shell isnt that common cofagrigus is also the reason i run both giga drain and solar beam on my exeggutor i dont see many mandibuzz when i play this team but it is annoying when i do see it which is one of the situations i find myself in where i wish i had ancient power on exeggutor
  9. so ive been using a sun team recently so i thought id weigh in here. im going to post my team to help you understand my thought process. its not the best team but its actually been doing pretty well and has managed to beat sand and rain teams. hopefully this helps you or anyone when building their own sun team first and the most obvious is Torkoal my nature and moveset i think is pretty standard bold 252 hp/ 252 def -lava plume -stealth rock -yawn -rapid spin at one point i was using an impish flygon with defog to come in on tyranitar so i experimented with replacing rapid spin with explosion. but tbh i didnt quite like explosion much for my special sun abuser i used either exeggutor or victreebel exeggutor timid 252 sp atk 252 speed -psyshock -giga drain -solar beam hp fire i went timid nature since some popular scarf pokemon outspeed modest nature in the sun sometimes i miss that added power of modest because blissey and chansey are extra thicc, but since everyone expects modest i can sometimes get them to switch. i noticed you are using ancient power and i have very much considered it and in some situations i wish i had it, also that chance for a boost is nice. i have both solar beam and giga because with opposing weather solar beam alone isnt as reliable my physical sun abuser is sawsbuck sawsbuck adamant 252 atk 252 speed -horn leech -return -jump kick -swords dance i read someone had mentioned no comparable sun pokemon to excadrill and kabutops, but this is definitely it. this set is pretty scary to be on the other side of Crobat Naive 252 atk 252 speed, holding flying gem -acrobatics -uturn -heat wave -taunt this is my spin on the standard crobat set i use this to switch in on fighting moves and i have heat wave to get some surprise kills on ferrothorn, magnezone and scizor. and its boosted in sun so thats a plus acro with gem also does a good amount of damage on anything that switches in magneton timid 252 sp atk 252 speed holding eviolite -t bolt -flash cannon -hp fire -metal sound this magneton is solely to get rid of scizor who is a big threat to my sun sweepers with bullet punch eviolite gives it some added bulk and timid nature allows me to outspeed certain pokemon and i can bluff a choice item metal sound comes in handy sometimes but volt switch might be better lanturn calm 252 hp 252 sp def -volt switch -scald -heal bell -toxic pretty standard set, the main reason this is here is for togekiss and to have something for hydreigon it doesnt really do well against hydreigon but it allows me to switch in a couple times and try and get one of my sun sweepers in and scare it off this teams has some flaws but it wins enough for me to keep using it in match making i really recommend some hazard control as rocks will ruin torkoals day i dont really know what else to add but if yo want some more help id be glad to give more input
  10. added rufflet, will add more soon, still breeding
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