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  1. Kipp


    Not yet. he still hasnt suggested that they should allow us to choose one pokemon to start our journey. Then they should implement a badge system so we can collect them.
  2. Go to setting and select auto decline And toupi with that snipe
  3. At this point I rather just remove shinies from game. i mean the “shiny market” is just scamming noobs or shiny traders selling to each other and prrtending anyone else buys them
  4. @DeadGorilla would love to play send him a pm hes been wanting to quit AFKn :)
  5. Hola sodita. quiero un skatch. I want me and my parasect catching a bunch of paras in mt moon. i know you ain’t taking requests now but whenever you get the chance pls. will pay 1k rp or 1m cause you deserve it bb love your work:)
  6. No more name change tickets???
  7. Speak with your wallets not with your mouths they will understand when they start losing money
  8. why block names? it only matters if the other person was good
  9. someone felt personally attacked by a joke thread, haha but lotteries are getting outta hand. like stated above. lotteries are becoming the only way to sell shinies for a "fair" price and thats just unhealthy.
  10. these lotteries are getting outta hand. i say we as a community boycott all lotteries on the trade forums. ALL CAPS SO YOU KNOW I AM SERIOUS!!!!! feel free to discuss
  11. Kipp


    i thought about a simple fix that may or may not be a good idea. for me i liked having my OT on godly genderless. it was most of the reason why i bred them. so i figure that they can make it so that it keeps your OT only if you use ditto and when you breed a genderless with another genderless it says "manufactured" or something along those lines in the OT space. that way if you want OT you need to use ditto which would keep the market going. not as strong but i know there is plenty of genderless breeders who would like to keep OT sure prices wouldnt be as high b
  12. Kipp

    Value Advice

    hmmmm, not sure if serious request or just venting but since i was a genderless breeder i will address this i think they should be around what a similar non genderless is worth.' the ones i think will have even less value are the HP fire genderless with 30 speed. RIP anyone who bought my magnezones for a premium. feel a little bad that now they worth so little. that adamant meta with 30 speed, imo, even before the change wasnt worth as much as it would have been with 31 speed. something i wouldnt even have bought but that just may be my standard
  13. Kipp

    Value Advice

    Can i get a PC on a x/30/28/30/31/30 jolly ditto
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