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  1. The Free Egg Moves is such a lovely gesture! Thanks for providing such a great service.
  2. that IS a hard choice... i prefer the Arnold Palmer combo of both but if i HAD to choose...i'd pick TEA! can have it hot or cold!
  3. Bias aside, I used Hannah's services since the reduced prices and couldn't be happier with the turnaround & my new mon! 10/10 would order again!
  4. Best breeder out there! Thanks for offering such a great service Hannah!!
  5. Big congrats to all the winners!! I know the choice couldn't have been easy. Such a lovely event. 💖
  6. A Beautiful Boy & His Pretty Pup Smelling The Flowers & Painting The Town
  7. 3.5k 13 OT shinies, 1 out of that 13 was sold long long ago
  8. Chinchou & Pichu! The bestest smol zappy bbs
  9. The newest update broke old themes, would you be able to update this? It's sad playing without the best theme
  10. Thanks for the locations of the trees! it really helps
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