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  1. The issue isnt the defensive switch ins it has, if it was a bulky powerhouse in addition to not having any switch ins at all we wouldnt be having a discussion, it would have been banned already. The pokemons you mention are generally good for more defensive or balanced playstyles and they are used to stop the biggest special attacking threats either way. As i said it restricts teambuilding, you will either use it to stop said threats and pressure offense very easily or you will use its checks which also check special threats AND porygon2 itself. You end up in a meta depending on toxicing and outlasting your opponent. A big portion of pokemons is left unused and unviable and generally you play a tier with very little versatility and creativity.
  2. I love how my words are so important to you bro. I stand by them.
  3. Talking about which characteristics make p2 a banworthy mon is a waste of time. Its a mix of all and thats what makes it banworthy. It restricts a whole stylw by itself, its really really bulky, its drawbacks like toxic and hazards are pretty easy to be dealth with(cleric and defogger) and on top of it all its weak to only one type. Fighting type pokemons cant even switch into it freely to pressure it cause it hurts and is able to cripple them. As i had stated months ago, this pokemon is too much for the tier. It can do too much at once and restricts teambuilding and playstyles.
  4. A comment that offers nothing to deal with a huge issue in the game by a tier council member. By the person who is the most volatile about the many issues this game has competitively. At least i hope you guys start thinking about the issue.. Which i hoped several months ago that i pointed it.
  5. I dont know how many months ago i stated this problem and the subject is circled back and answered by lame and weak reasoning. Porygon2 is the problem to the uu metagame. Porygonz was a bad counter measure to balance it out without any success and now you guys play the most lame meta since gen3. Talking about calcs and ways to counter p2 when it gets free switch ins to half and more the mons that exist in the tier and threatens a playstyle all by its own while also having moves like tri attack and discharge that can cripple the little answers that it has. And the reasoning to keep it in the tier is thst pokemons like yanmega who have x4 weakness to rocks in a tier that has a million successful rock setters can be a menace?? While snorlax or gigalith are still solid checks without being ridiculously overpowered and negate a whole playstyle by their own. Now you play a tier that every garbage runs vapo, crobat, dusclops, p2 and they think they built the new heat just by having a heal beller to support p2 cause thats the only think that can beat it succesfully.. Toxicing it.
  6. This guy listed all the walls in uu lmfao
  7. Yes but you get an advantage and a disadvantage.. Actual work for the captains to do and the players aswell.
  8. And thats exactly the reason manager choice should be added.. Because since players arent drafted teams are gonna end up with multiple players playing one tier.. And a manager should be able to utilise that and not be forced to play said players on a role they wont be able to compete aswell
  9. Im greek.. You can easily get back on me
  10. I dont think there is a single top tier player in germany .. And the flame starts
  11. Enough with showdown honestly. We paid our respects more than enough. Psl teams shows what showdown causes to big events. Teams have players that dont play this game and cover a tier easily while other teams have to put their existing players in this tier and possibly lose them from another tier. I know a bunch of older players can participate with showdown cause they only play this now but said players should be capable to learn any pokemmo meta with a bit of help since they carry the experience with them. It becomes annoying for me to see ex pros or whatever in showdown appear in those events and give advantage to their teams just because a pokemmo player knows them and tells them to play this event. Good pr shouldnt be an advantage to this kind of competitions
  12. I nominate sparkie to host world cup in a few years
  13. always always always the players who show that they deserve chances prove it. ive been in this discussion countless times and yall quote me like im an old player.. and u know me paul. i started playing comp in late 2019. i worked for and got given a chance which i took to prove what im worth. so dont expect me to be sympathetic about it. i was in that place not long ago and kept working to change it. old players keep proving what they are worth still..in teams psl many dead players participated and showed that they still got it while newer players in "old" teams also took chances.. to me a player who plays this shit for 7-8-9 years still being able to get wins while literally not playing the game for some time shows how this argument is wrong. teams give the environment for improvement. if people dont improve in ranked or tours to have something to show for themselves and blame the system in a dead game cause they didnt manage to be given the chance still clearly shows where the problem is at
  14. oh yea i like the initiative dont get me wrong.. just voicing a concern that i have in mind.. maybe personal concern aswell
  15. while this being correct and it applied to me also.. most people are adults who have other stuff to do aswell. if we constantly play big events we get worn out. we just finished a big event, if we jump straight to the next one the motivation isnt gonna be the same, or the preparation. it gets stressing to have to be ready all the time and time consuming. i say what i say because if this goes on eventually the callibre of the games is gonna drop.
  16. spamming long events one after another gets boring.. people cant be invested in them all year long.. it will end up without good turn up or with unmotivated people. take a break
  17. lucario on paper looks stupidly strong.. physical set up, special set up with strong priorities and coverage moves, really tough to revenge kill.. i think its gonna be a bad idea to test that.. its a clear BL mon for me
  18. you already voted twice this month.. stop
  19. first of all BOOOO for the vaccine. second of all i have made my thoughts public on porygon-z on its own thread but i ll repeat a bit of here. while being a very capable wallbreaker and a bit centralising, people have gotten the grasp of handling it and most decent teambuilders have shown their ability of handling it. it caused a meta shift but every pokemon that has a good kit would do that. (swampert also has had a big influence in uu meta). many panicked but now that it has settled in my opinion it is shown that it is a capable wallbreaker but not in a position to be considered banowrthy and the drops on the winrate show that. good pokemon, forces adaption and it should stay in uu
  20. ok awesome turnout already!! i love it!!
  21. i had previously said that it seems to centralise the meta around it and that might become a problem. after experiencing a bunch more battles from the receiving side(not using it) and never overly preparing for it i gotta say that its the way most people play that makes them scared so much for it. in my opinion porygon-z is a much greater danger to defensive playstyles and while still remaining a danger to offense, offense has the ability to pressure a lot so it never comes in for free.. most ppl i have encountered with pz against me usually lead with it cause honestly it wont get many chances to get in the battle apart from a position to revenge kill.. scarf set can be good against offense but it really lacks the power however surprising that may be.. example my sigilyph taking around 75% health from a scarf shadown ball porygon-z. what annoys me about it is that it restricts me from using some mons that i would like to use because they clearly struggle in the current meta so i have to build my teams around having one resistance for it and pressure it to not come in freely but honestly there are ways to deal with it. that being said i come to the conclussion that it should stay in the tier, the fact that it is a threat doesnt mean that it has to be banned and that mentality needs to be shaken off and a meta shifting and being a little bit more centralised around one pokemon isnt exactly news. other threats in the past have centralised the meta around them aswell but ultimately got handled one way or another. maybe gigalith will become an actual UU mon now and not an elevator and thats not nessecarily bad. UU has a huge variety of mons that can work with gigalith. in my opinion the pokemon had place in the tier before porygon-z arived. along with spiritomb which is used to stop the tri attack spam. so yea, i say keep PorygonZ in UU
  22. Our hopes for consistent decision making from TC will once again go to the gutter.. while i respect every single one of the sia members in tc u r wrong about the bias, when you exist in an environment and interract with one another for long, while yes u might have different opinions you also eventually share a lot of ideas,teambuilds,pokemons etc so you simply cannot have 100% unbiased decisions.. but this is the least of our problems. TC itself doesnt influence as much as we would like the ultimate decisions. Devs have the last say on everything, so even if tc pushes for something in the end the developers will take the decisions. examples are garchomp existing without swords dance. wobbufett turning into an absolute joke,lc removed etc etc etc. so in the end the biggest problems isnt the faces who are in tc but the way a community based game doesnt listen to its community at all. even about the replacement of gbwead noone was informed that they could aim to get a place in TC, the safest options were instantly picked,people that are close to gb and other existing members of the tc with the aim being to not getting any potential disruptions and pretty much trying to not change anything while the game is screaming for changes. a lot of people are willing to devote time and actively help but lets be real.. thats not where money comes from so if in the eyes of the devs the way things are "work" then no changes will happen and eventually all current tc members will be dead because this game has nothing else to offer to them yet they will still hold their places there because if the place hasnt be set on fire we are cool
  23. Call me when the UU matches start!! I cant miss those
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