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  1. I had tested it and it worked before, with scope lense it should be 100% ratio iirc.. baton pass did pass it..
  2. After taking into consideration what other players said and calculating some stuff aswell i now believe that both BL mons and lucario would be unhealthy for the tier. Not only they are strong individually but they, along with alot other threats on the tier will most likely shift the meta to hyper offensive only because simply you cannot run enough walls to stop all of them. I suggest allowing only kabutops and metagross to drop.
  3. While everything you mentioned is right, personally i would never want my main wallbreaker (heracross) to take 60% damage to deal with an offensive pokemon(that is the calculation of +2 aura sphere). Nidoqueen is indeed a good answer that can even stop volt switching, the issue i had with using it more is that either it added other weaknesses on my lineup or it made me build a certain way, my opinion stands for lucario simply because while yes it can be stopped at some circumstances, the versatility it has adds even more pressure to the person that want to defend from it. Because losing 1 pokemon in the process of guessing which set it runs can be a deciding factor on the outcome a the game.
  4. Kabutops and metagross should be fine to be moved down. Both while can be good are not big enough threats to be considered BL material. Porygon-z: in my opinion this time it should be given the chance in UU. Strong wallbreaker, but new mons have been added that make it even easier to be revenge killed than it was back when it was BL material. Haxorus: Im not entirely sure about haxorus, on one hand it is a pretty strong setup sweeper but on the other hand the tier has 3 viable ice shard users, even more pokemons with other forms of priority and i believe some of the usual walls can stop it too. Maybe a testing period could make things clearer Lucario: This pokemon in my opinion sounds ridiculous. If haxorus is considered BL worthy how is lucario even gonna get discussed? Special sweeper or physical sweeper, both types with good priority moves, a base speed of 90!! (Outspeeds a big number of pokemons in the metagame) and a movepool that can deal with almost any wall of the tier. A big no on lucario from me.
  5. Very helpful and reliable, even searched the best possible deal for me in a tricky ditto breed. Would totally recommend to everyone!
  6. Staraptor doesnt feel anything close to uber material as far as ive seen and used it. Scarf set as mentioned above is easy to wall while its a good revenge killer. Band set relies on predictions and with the pokemon's defences and weakness to stealth rock adding the recoil you dont get many ins in a game. Even with intimidate you dont want to come on any attack. In my opinion its an ok pokemon to have in the tier,not busted or anything
  7. I already made my suggestion in the first page.. let the tiers stabilize then decide on bl mons, at least me as a player having so little tours and game time to use new stuff i cant make a good assumption on so much stuff just by theorising.. i need some time to see what happens, lets decide on BL mons after a certain period.. im also skeptical about zoro in NU but this tier is not the one i know well so if NU playes dont care i wont fight more for my case.
  8. Yes lets drop 20 new mons into a tier.. totally gonna result in a healthy one.. and the next month of usage is totally gonna be an accurate representation of a stable meta.
  9. +2 dark pulse 2hkos mantine and mantine is forced to haze.. if you add possible rocks into the calcs mantine really struggles to stop zoroark. +2 252 SpA Life Orb Zoroark Dark Pulse vs. 248 HP / 252+ SpD Mantine: 97-114 (56.7 - 66.6%) -- guaranteed 2HKO after Leftovers recovery +2 252 SpA Life Orb Zoroark Dark Pulse vs. 252 HP / 252+ SpD Flareon: 114-136 (66.2 - 79%) -- guaranteed 2HKO after Leftovers recovery
  10. Well yes but apart from it what else? Even an extrasensory instead of flame for example in a nasty plot set can punish hitmonchan coming in and being forced to mach punch makes zoro an ez hit and run wallbreaker.. at least i see it this way.. correct me if im wrong
  11. Has similar power to rose, tougher to rk, gets nasty plot.
  12. These changes are irrelevant to sinnoh though.
  13. Well probably best for after the TT but since UU is the tier which gets the most changes and its not in this months TT it wouldnt be that devastating if the changes happened before it.
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