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  1. I totally agree.. Change it back
  2. Cause i do.. why you argue with me? Cause you think with showdown you have more chances of getting picked?
  3. You dont understand that this is a discussion and not a rant apparently.. arguments and counter argument to drive people into voting the option we think might be better
  4. You speak only for yourself, what i say is about the community.. you can play showdown not the community in general. For the argument of the mmo event, it is a pokemmo event, ripoff or not it doesnt matter.. psl13 will be made by the pokemmo community for the pokemmo community.. so pls do not reproduce this stupid argument. As u said ppl are gonna pick me yes so if that was the case I shouldn't care at all, if you as a new player might not get a place is not my concern, you got around 2 months ahead of you to prove yourself and get picked.. i did the exact same thing not long ago
  5. @Gunthug it is opinionated.. i strongly believe that if we don't pay our respects noone will care and we have a big enough community in pokemmo ( the game we all play and talk about) to be able to have enough good (supposedly) players grabbing the spots for this event.. all this showdown argument to me feels like a desperate effort to fit in dead players while new players in this game do the grind, put the effort and want to prove themselves in here. Personally it doesn't interest me to have a way to fit in players that used to be good in this game in 2013-14 and just play showdown now and yes that might be biased cause im not an old player myself but it is a fact that newer less recognised players will put more effort than old inactive ones.. i strongly prefer giving those people a chance than using a spot to pay respects ( to showdown and older players that don't play the mmo anymore)
  6. Having showdown in general is a bad choice in my opinion and something i will vote for when i understand the other rules that are suggested fully and decide on them.. i agree with the no dubs manager choice. Lets not fool ourselves dubs as a format differs from singles which most people learn easier, its a game for a few people which most of the events show their dominance with relative ease.. to expand on the showdown argument, we have seen in various psls or even in the ongoing world cup players that don't play pokemmo sign up for it just because i assume their friends told them to for help.. this leads in disadvantages and confusing situations. Not only in the games themselves but in manager choices aswell.. there is a good possibility that a pokemmo player doesn't know showdown players and another player/manager might find easier to pick the said showdown player he knows without drawbacks on credits. Regarding the choices in the case a showdown tier being added, SSOU seems the no-brainer pick to me, dpp ou is outdated, we had enough of smou, vgc is a different concept of what we know(kinda fuels more the dubs v singles gaps), it doesn't even exist in our game. SSOU is singles, new meta and in my opinion a tier that the gap should be easier to be closed in case a pokemmo player wants to get into it.
  7. Sounds as an interesting concept but it is too soon for another big event. I think giving it some time to make it more anticipated and letting players rest from the constant preparation they ve been through with psl12 to World Cup shortly after (assuming they actually put the effort) will make it a better experience for both the players, the hosts and will probably attract more donations also.
  8. Why does every discussion thread turn into a clown fiesta?
  9. Yes i forgot to mention that i would replace one of linoone or azu to add scrafty, probably azu cause after all the meta changes with sinnoh addition i believe its easier to stop it now
  10. There should be scrafty, given that azu and linoone lure in different walls, scrafty lures in walls that linoone or azumarill want gone.. but my initial opinion remains, there are ways, enough ways to stop the team while making a viable, at least decent team yourself that could stand its ground vs many different matchups
  11. Well the argument is going to a point where people are just being spoonfed with answers.. there are many games in the past 3 months where the team has been stopped and misused.. from my experience mandibuzz never stopped me sweep when using this team.. the tier in general has shifted much more in favour of offense and many people are stuck into using 4 wall comps which now are being abused with simply stealth rock and volt turning from stuff like rotom which is dangerous pivot, while having a handful of other strong wallbreakers, or the existing ones are being facilitated by them..the issue is failing to adapt, not the specific team.. i believe if people do the research answers will come.
  12. I'm blushing.. but yea there are a handful of ways to stop the team.. the thing is that these 6 pokemons alone aren't a problem, its the combination of screens and overload of setting up. So its not like something can be done about it. To be fair though the team has seen much usage indeed but only a few players had success with it in big occasions and those are the players who would succeed with any other team.. i too agree the team doesn't require much "skill" but you would be surprised of how poorly it has been used. I get more annoyed seeing people not being able to find ways to answer it than the actual spam..
  13. GG to china for tieing and achieving qualification and a massive GG to my team.. we put up a fight in the toughest group and almost made it out..irl duties fidnt let me help more the last two weeks but you guys more than covered for me.. well played everyone
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