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  1. I too think so. But I doubt in this game both are gonna rise in 1 month. People take some time to adapt. I think sun Pokemons will rise first. Then in the next 2-3 months, serperior and weezing are gonna follow.. that's what I believe
  2. Since the new additions are to UU. I suggest apart from keeping an eye to serperior and feraligatr to also having a look at sun. Which said sun is the reason that I remain skeptical about serperior being an offensive Uber. Chlorophyll Venusaur might prove a way more difficult beast to handle and it also checks serperior. Serperior while strong and being able to cripple checks like crobat seems on paper that it can be somewhat handled. But this is not a definitive opinion. The tough thing about it is that the tier is dead. So I urge people to help out in the testing process
  3. Having roost helps a lot with this problem and that's why people run it.. they can take the hit they want to take, heal and pivot out. And that's why people have started to run it more. I don't expect it to have like 20% usage or something but it has good uses in OU.
  4. Empoleon is really really good and valuable but it is also a way in for some good threats in the tier. It will go up for sure, but in the case it doesn't it's not meta breaking nor overpowered. About Machamp if people look at the games and use it or play against it they will realise that it is also a good Pokemon but nowhere near BL material aswell. It can be handled with various ways and it is also easy to revenge kill
  5. We said goodbye cause we don't need your shitty teams nab
  6. You are proving my point in a way, UU right now is a very boring, wall favoured meta. What your calc shows is that in conditions with rocks on the field Machamp gets a small chance to KO good physical defending walls. So therefore the pokemon is now a reliable wallbreaker that doesn't break through the tier. And is slow enough to be able to revenge killed. These calculations show to me that the pokemon is not banworthy, but it is a new good option that can fit in many play styles. So we get a good Pokemon now. Not an OP pokemon.
  7. I don't understand why we are suspect testing Machamp in UU without a proper meta at the moment while we expect more changes to come to us soon. The timing is stupid. What if you guys find it to be banworthy and in some weeks a bunch of new stuff come out and it's not banworthy again. Testing should start after the updates are finished. On a sidenote I personally believe that it will be manageable even in the current meta or the meta after the changes. There is a wide variety in UU that safely forces it out because it gets threatened to be revenge killed. Similar to heracross that has 1 clear check but losses momentum after a KO. The 2 defensive ghost types in the tier can manage Machamp. So there isn't a discussion in my opinion.
  8. and this is the reason you are super stupid. idk about the other players but mkns told me to play late on the week. i agreed as it suited me. his excuse for having to be subbed out was the he forgot his laptop at work.i get that u no life this thing but i work almost 50 hours a week. and i dont care if its an excuse to you but i have to prepare during this time for a very strong opponent. and saturday afternoon im informed that i have to prepare from the start for another very strong opponent. so yea, im being put in a disadvantage while i was willing to make time for whenever my opponent is suited.. but his excuse was that he fucked up. AND I PAY THIS FUCK UP. so yea im being the uguu here
  9. we pretty much have to discard all weeks prep and do everything from scrap in one day while noone can guarantee us that they had these subs ready to go. i guess its a strat but its super stupid that this is allowed and we cant do shit about it. also the argument about irl applies to us too. its not like i have the time to spare to remake everything prepared from scrap. so at the very least this is poor sportsmanship. whatever though. from the moment the host allows these shenanigans, he pretty much favour the team that is being fishy and sets us up to lose already..
  10. Take myself Take myself Take myself.
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