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  1. Not only garchomp.. rotom infernape toxicroak!! Thats from the top of my head and all those are gonna bring considerable changes,plus having mons that belong on lower tiers but until they drop they will unsettle the meta
  2. Maybe i am asking this question early but since sinnoh is coming tomorrow what does that mean about this week?
  3. The only thing im afraid of is community keeping fan favourite pokemons hostages in that tier.
  4. You gotta do what you gotta do
  5. 5.2k!! Im here to game
  6. It seems pretty straight forward to me, he owes life money and life owes u..so he pays u the money he owes to life and everyone is happy
  7. Dont do that with me.. choking those is becoming a trend
  8. i won game 1. score 1-1 (cant post screen from phone)
  9. All i know is that umbreon is far too valuable to be spared.. what is an espeon?
  10. Me vs urquidi in 10 (or whenever he comes online)
  11. Thats the sum of his betting activity this psl
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