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  1. you almost gave me a heart attack
  2. i won!! lost the screen but the game is recorded.. gg mkns always enjoying playing against you
  3. Man gbwead pulling data out of his mind that are hella untrue.. Thats just missleading.. Who deserted uu? Who doesnt care about it anymore? P-z doesnt ruin every playstyle. Actually all playstyles have ways to manage it. Stall itself doesnt get destroyed by it while it certaintly can open holes into it and offense doesnt really allow it to come in many times in a game. Maybe balance struggles the most against it but thats how balance does in uu in general. Gets easily overwhelmed by offense and doesnt have the ability to break through stall most of the times.
  4. Thats a guess. Its not an actual argument. Status might come or not. It is rng. And to answer your question download choice specs porygonz doesnt 2hko porygon2
  5. And yes p-z is strong as a wallbreaker should be. And it also has some checks. Also the example u gave was a desperate action from devs and tc to keep garchomp from getting banned because pokemmo obeys a "no uber policy". Thats why now they removed swords dance from it. So it stays in OU. Sand veil itself was never a problem so the ban was a mistake. As i said in my first comment im not sure if p-z requires a ban or not. But in the case a ban would happen it should never be because it is offensively uber because it isnt. It is strong and it has checks, its tough to play around also. If a ban w
  6. Why would adaptability specs be +1 special attack? It has 2 abilities?
  7. As i said this is luck dependant.. We played vs each other and u paralyzed me with p2 on your first tri attack while u walled 6 of my pz tri attacks. Exact same scenario with the p2 player winning(you) while the pz player lost(me). So why we claim that rng related scenarios is a reason for a ban?
  8. Gigalith can handle both and snorlax and p2 can handle p-z aswell in some scenarios.
  9. I know.. Im pretty sure if yanmega didnt get hit like this by rocks we would have it banned in here.. Anyway i didnt compare them as a whole but as STAB spamming.. After they ve come into play. To conclude i still believe a stable meta is needed with p-z in, to decide if its overcentralising for the tier therefore requires a ban.
  10. This is why i compared yanmega with porygon-z.. I dont think that tri attack is as spammable as you present it to be. Bug buzz is way more spammable since iirc only crobat can actually resist it if yanmega uses tinted lens while there are multiple resistances to tri attack and the rng factor shouldnt be taken into consideration when we theorise. Hax are luck. You might get good rng in every single attack you fire or not get any of them. The way rng works is that every attack has a certain % to get a status so u eventually can fire 10 tri attacks and every single one has 20% each. So in any of
  11. Personally im not sure about p-z yet.. The first issue that it brought was that it seemingly is a lot centralising for the tier that it instantly shifted the meta. But on the other hand i have yet to see it overinfluence games as it is presented to do. Many factors can pitch into that(outplays, hax, poor usage etc). I try to compare it with yanmega because they have similar powers offensively and not many pokemons switch into any of those two. The drawback to yanmega is that it is really weak to rocks but on the other hand its typing also offers key resistances/immunities such as fighting and
  12. Where are the games?? Where is the shittalk??
  13. I mean they celebrated getting a tie vs us.. It sums up their goals in the tournament
  14. Payback is a uguu they say.. Never celebrate early brother
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