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  1. It did NOT influence the uu meta. It dropped down because uu could handle it since uu already had started shifting to strong priority due to offense being dominant and priority was a better way dealing with sweepers than walls. Lanturn and torkoal dropped for that reason aswell.. Because they were getting abused by the same meta.. NU doesnt have strong pokemons with strong priority to deal with getting trapped from dugtrio. I would agree that testing is needed but pokemmo competitive scene is known to adapt real slow to new stuff( see k9, metagross, empoleon go up in usage after some time) and
  2. Nice!! Looking forward on what the next bug will be
  3. Lucario should remain banned.. As much as i would have tremendous fun using it, it is an offensive uber for the tier.. I can think of one or two stuff that could potentially stop it but it still will centralise the meta too much around it
  4. The team which will draft julian (probably yetto) will not make it to the playoffs
  5. Gotta say that i put meta in A+ with heavy heart.. In my honest opinion its still very S tier and in action it has given me countless wins.. Yall sleep
  6. Ign:Umbramol Reason: im here to win Tiers: UU Competitive acculades: 2 official wins, many more CCs but who cares,8-3 record last PSL and currently sitting on my throne in UU ladder Discord: Umbramol#7441 Other random stuff: 3rd PSL i participate and this time i dont think i need to introduce myself. Only drawback is that due to military duties i cant put the same effort i put in previous PSL where i was the best performer of my team but i believe the effort i ll put will be more than enough. Other than that whoever picks me knows what he gets. Always a tryhard, alway
  7. This is at least ridiculous.. Legit there is no actual justification for picking daryl and yettodie over lotus enchanteur jaawax and even nowall who is not a clear cut name.. Asking about rules is not effort and having money is not qualification for managing.. Both of those managers are my friends but im not the kind who sugarcoats stuff.. The mentioned players at the start of my comment are far more qualified.. Not giving enchanteur and lotus especially the chance to manage, two players that can play, build, advise for every tier for me is atleast controversial
  8. Luke Enchanteur Lejovi Lotus Imabetheverybest Realdevillegend Yettodie Daryl Some of them are predictions, some kf them are who i believe should be managers. Most of the names are pretty obvious why they should be managers.. Others are the mistakes i believe the hosts will make.. Love you daryl
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