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    Pokemon Peewe League (PPL)

    This. You definitly didn't answer the nicest way to orange. Back to the point, at this time is impossible (i would say) to host another league such as PSL. Currently theres a donation thread for a new league (LTS, correct me if im wrong) and looks to be promising. Let's see what LTS league was to offer
  2. i guess you're the one that needs to be re-breeded. Try atleast to post something that contributes to the thread (Suggestions etc.).
  3. So the biggest problem here is to re-breed everything we've done in the past to get the new Eggmoves/abilitys. What about, on the final of the dungeon, put an npc to teach you eggmoves/abilitys to the oldest pokemons (with a certain cost). This is a simple way to solve both of the problems of rebreeding everything to get the new moves/abilitys, and at the same way, some of the content (the dungeons) will be use usefull for new pokemons. Im trying to express myself, sorry for my bad english.

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