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  1. Nice to know the only thing I'm remembered by is my horse head.
  2. Good, variety and more access to shinies like these are great things for the market. Congrats to the lucky OT.
  3. Why wouldn't we, one or two people who made some mistakes don't represent the entire team. We've been around forever, gone through good and bad times, active and inactive times, lost and gained many friends due to various reasons, lost in the first round of team tournaments many times. But all these and many other things are what makes a great team. One or two "bad apples" who unfortunately went down the wrong path won't bring a team like VVVV down. I mean as you all know, VVVV MASTER RACE.
  4. Kizhaz post basically sums it up pretty good. By changing the rate to 1/8192, you don't just increase the amount of rare shinies thus making them affordable. You also increase the amount of uncommon and common shinies to such an extend that they'd basically become worthless. With so many people playing at the same time, a lot more shinies would be found resulting in the complete collapse of the shiny economy with very few exceptions. Sure there are upsides to it too. Cheaper shinies, creatng competitive shinies (though they wouldn't be unique because everyone would have access to them), having more rare shinies around (which can also be a bad thing as the rares would eventually become semi-rare or even uncommon [ex: Snorlax]), and of course, finding more shinies in the wild. But then again the excitement also would shrink quite a bit each time as they'd pop up even more than they do in some cases today (looking at you, jajas). Having cheaper shinies isn't always a good thing either. Look at Lucky Eggs for example. They were rare and desired, until there was much more supply than demand and their value plummeted. Sure they're still useful, but nowhere near as desired as they once were. The same thing would happen to shinies. Want to sell your brand new shiny Vuplix because you need Yen for comps? Too bad, there are already 25 other Vulpix' on the market. Now what happens is you'll all undercut each other, making the value decrease more and more until the point where good comps could be worth more than the brand new shiny you just caught. Tl;dr basic economy. Everything would evolve around rare shinies, and those with rare shinies wouldn't even think about accepting the commons everyone and their nans have 8 of now. So now what do you do? Go hunt rare shinies yourself. And 200 other people do the same. And now that rare shiny is becoming semi-rare. It's already happening to a certain extend with the Charmander line. Of course it doesn't affect the value too much because of how desired it is, but if you seriously have a look at the pure number of shiny Charmander and evolutions that are around, it makes you wonder what would happen to all the other good shinies out there. Doesn't sound that good anymore, does it? Negged for a bad idea.
  5. You look like you would have been a perfect fit as a character for Zoey 101 as the mean football guy who tries to steal everyone's girl.
  6. Congrats. I like the fact that you used Spore and False Swipe on a fuckin Weedle.
  7. Took somewhere around 25k - 30k. IV's are not worth showing.
  8. Not sure why you relied, that doesn't apply to you. :-))))))))))))))))
  9. Growlithe, Vulpix and even the Rats had over 40.000 chances to pop up. Guess the golden ghost just wanted to be a part of the golden boys team.
  10. I'll never be dead, I'm too important to this game and the people who actually matter.
  11. After more than 40.000 encounters at the mansion I go to the Sky Pillar for 30 minutes and this happens (thanks @Cameron. You still owe me some Leppas for coming here)
  12. I'm going to regret this so much as soon as I see any of you guys walking towards me.
  13. Shiny Teddiursa in the Diglett cave during the event time a few years ago. The chance to find a shiny Diglett / Spinda was huge, but I lucked out.       Pretty cool, right? What's even better is this:    Too bad the HP and attack IV's ruin it.   Also +1 for shyni leviator.
  14. Here's a better picture of Cacturne. This shiny has been around for longer than most people right now.   Hope you don't end up like the previous 4 thread starters.
  15. Glad you had a chance to 'introduce yourself' again, but now seems like a good time to end the meeting.   Closed.
  16. Well since it seems like you're back and this thread is 2 weeks old, I'm closing it now. Doesn't seem like anyone has something nice left to say in here anyway.  
  17.   You know you like it, don't lie.   Also do what Caracal said if you haven't already.
  18.   It was a very, very sad moment.  I've had a great time in VVVV since day 1 and I'll definitely miss being in there. But then again, I'll still be around. Stay awesome guys. hue   VVVV MASTER RACE (forever)
  19. Ah, I'm glad someone actually read everything. Thanks! I have quite a few, some rares, some uncommon and one or two common ones. You can always just message me in game with the Pokémon you have and maybe we can get a duel going. ^_^
  20. Hey people, my name is Jindu and I thought I'd finally introduce myself. (tl;dr version of my introduction is below this wall of text) I've been around for a little while now and I've been lurking the forums since I started playing, but I never really posted outside of the trade section and thought it's about damn time to change that. I've been playing Pokémon since Blue and Red, and continued to do so until I stopped playing after Emerald came out. I was never really a fan of the new Pokémon games so I pretty much stopped playing the game. But when my friend told me about this game, I got really excited and instantly got an account and started playing. And I must say, this game is pretty good even though it's still in the alpha stage. It's nice to play one of the older Pokémon games again with a bunch of new additions. The people can also be nice here (most of the time, not always though), but over all I really enjoy it. I was never really into the competitive part of Pokémon until just a few days ago. I started reading stuff about it and build my first own team. It's fun and it gives you much more things to do instead of just playing the main story over and over again. I also started trading for shinies, since I personally think some of them look really nice and sometimes it's just nice to show some good looking Pokémon off. Though, I do know how many people here on the forums think about people who trade mostly with shiny Pokémon. Please don't judge me just by reading that I'm trading with shinies too, I do know some of "us shiny traders" can be really nice people once you get to know us. I mean in the end we're all the same, just some people decide to trade with different colored Pokémon while doing other stuff (at least that's what I do). My favorite Pokémon has always been Snorlax. I got it as a stuffed animal when I was young, and it has been my favorite Pokémon since the day I got it. And now that I know it's actually being used in competitive battles, I'm even happier that I get to use my favorite Pokémon in something else rather than just the main story. Thanks for taking the time to read my introduction. I wonder how many of you actually made it down here... tl;dr Hey, my name is Jindu. I'm new here and I plan on staying active in the game and on the forums. My IGN is just like my forum name, Jindu. If you ever just want to chat or have a friendly duel (I'm focusing on level 50's, but don't expect too much [yet]), feel free to whisper me or to send me a friend request if you want. Thanks for taking the time to read my introduction. I wonder how many of you actually made it down here... Here is a cute cat to make up to all the people who actually read my whole post.
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