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  1. Nice to know the only thing I'm remembered by is my horse head.
  2. Good, variety and more access to shinies like these are great things for the market. Congrats to the lucky OT.
  3. Why wouldn't we, one or two people who made some mistakes don't represent the entire team. We've been around forever, gone through good and bad times, active and inactive times, lost and gained many friends due to various reasons, lost in the first round of team tournaments many times. But all these and many other things are what makes a great team. One or two "bad apples" who unfortunately went down the wrong path won't bring a team like VVVV down. I mean as you all know, VVVV MASTER RACE.
  4. Kizhaz post basically sums it up pretty good. By changing the rate to 1/8192, you don't just increase the amount of rare shinies thus making them affordable. You also increase the amount of uncommon and common shinies to such an extend that they'd basically become worthless. With so many people playing at the same time, a lot more shinies would be found resulting in the complete collapse of the shiny economy with very few exceptions. Sure there are upsides to it too. Cheaper shinies, creatng competitive shinies (though they wouldn't be unique because everyone would have acce
  5. You look like you would have been a perfect fit as a character for Zoey 101 as the mean football guy who tries to steal everyone's girl.
  6. Congrats. I like the fact that you used Spore and False Swipe on a fuckin Weedle.
  7. Took somewhere around 25k - 30k. IV's are not worth showing.
  8. Not sure why you relied, that doesn't apply to you. :-))))))))))))))))
  9. Growlithe, Vulpix and even the Rats had over 40.000 chances to pop up. Guess the golden ghost just wanted to be a part of the golden boys team.
  10. I'll never be dead, I'm too important to this game and the people who actually matter.
  11. After more than 40.000 encounters at the mansion I go to the Sky Pillar for 30 minutes and this happens (thanks @Cameron. You still owe me some Leppas for coming here)
  12. I'm going to regret this so much as soon as I see any of you guys walking towards me.
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