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  1. Ah okay, I will. thank you for the answer.
  2. I choose yes, and the game disconnecting immediately after i got reconnected. I didn't using any script or bot obviously, otherwise I will not post this in the forum. It's not happening again now, though I just wondering if this problem occur with other player, and what caused that. Ah i remember the disconnecting happened after I bought like 3k leppas from the gtl, idk maybe that affect it somehow. Thank you for the reply, good luck also for you for whatever you're into now.
  3. I was doing shiny hunt, my char was disconnected so often, I tried to reconnect several times but keep disconnected. When i try again, the system said my session was terminated by me. And it made me can't use sweet scent for how many minutes, it was so annoying. Anybody experienced the same thing as me?
  4. Agree Not to mention about gtl listing fee etc. I really hope that you guys can help make balance in economy, I play since 2013, so I know how hard it is now for players to get money nowadays. I know it's not easy, but I really believe that you can solve it.
  5. Let's agree that the e4 is harder now, my point is, when they make it harder it would be reasonable if the prize also made higher. Just that, plain and simple. The point is not whether we can do the e4 or not, with the new updates, at least we need more time, or maybe need to use more items. I understand that we can also use more options, but remember also that (at least) NPC has hidden ability that we don't have, and they can use potions that if we use it also, than e4 will not be worth it anymore.
  6. After new update, the NPC got a lot more ability (including HA) and items, and arguably a lot harder than before. Personally i think the dev should add more prize money (and/or) BP for those updates.
  7. Thanks for the wonderful guide. It is very useful and updated, amazing work.
  8. I really hope that the devs can explain whatever happened just now
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