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  1. what about the move beat up? dark typing and also the chance to break any subs and then ko
  2. \\Team catching event // Date and Time Saturday 2nd March /1:00 pm EST /6:00pm GMT Location Lostlorn forest ch1(right of nimbasa city along route 16) anyone needs any help please ask in team chat and people will help you find the forest Duration 1 hour to catch your entry/10 minutes to submit it Scoring Zorua will be only Pokemon that counts hint it will help to learn a good way to catch them before the event Bonus Natures Rash + 5 points Rules To win this event u must submit an entry that scores the highest in total Your entry must be caught within the time of the event is held your entry must be unchanged(untrained/unevolved) your entry has to be your ot you can only submit 1 Pokemon as entry if a score tie occurs ,the winner will be determined by the earliest catch time WARNING! any spoiling will result in disqualification (dont link your entry during event ) Notification please come 10 min before event starts so we wont have any delays also you can try and find one before event to give your self more chance of winning \/\PRIZES/\/ 1 place 6x31 comp Zoroark 2 place 200.000 3 place 150.000 Good luck to all!hope u have fun ^-^
  3. turkey would count as christmasy but you have to work that turkey outfit i want to see puns i want to make chat more interesting than just i caught a good one lol. this bonus event means that chat will be monitored during the event and as well as the outfit christmasy quotes and puns may give people points towards our final winner.
  4. Winter is coming and its almost Christmas. Its probably too early to start saying that but bah humbug to those who aren't happy :D so lets have a Jolly time and catch some more ice type Pokemon. date and time saturday December 1st 17:00 BST/12:00 EDT place ICEFALL cave Island 4 duration 45 minutes to catch your entry/15 min to submit it rules Best iv Pokemon with ice typing wins (including Shellder and seel as they evolves into ice type) bonus nature Jolly +5 points (see what i did there ;p) 1 place winner comp 6 x 31 Cloyster 2 place winner 500k Warning! spoilers during event will result in disqualifications Bonus prize - 250k for the most festive looking person be this ice like or Christmasy i will let you decide but the winner will be decided by the host. This will be decided during the event and can be influenced by what is said in chat. So the jollier you are and the more festive you look the more chance of winning. No bribing or immediately disqualified from bonus prize :) Good luck to all! hope u have fun!
  5. Lava is a great team with a wide range of members from all across the globe. The man who keeps it all going, and is the main reason we get to all enjoy one of our favorite games together, is celebrating his 30th birthday today (23rd of November). I want as many people as possible to write a message on this topic to say happy birthday and thank you for all he does for the team. now all go find a drink and raise a glass to a great guy and may he continue to evolve over years in pokemmo :D
  6. ill go for number 6 it will come out one day
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