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  1. WTS Shiny Charizard

    WTS SHINY CHARIZARD OFFER!!!!!!!!!!! (More than 400m less than 550m) =D WTB SHINYS * 616,000,000 * ONLY RARES!!!!!!!!
  2. PTS Screenshot Thread

    cool place! =)

  4. *Results* Evolution Art Contest

    Ty Suneet! Smeargle - 1 vote Tauros - 2 vote
  5. *Results* Evolution Art Contest

    ty for opinion!
  6. *Results* Evolution Art Contest

    Character Name: YANCEYDAWG Pokemon evolved form is based upon: TAUROS Name of evolved form: MITHAUROS Ability: STURDY
  7. *Results* Evolution Art Contest

    I already explained that it was an error with google translator about the rules. Will you be ignorant of sending more messages even after I explain this and have asked a lot of time before Noad apologize and clean my post that will not participate? I believe that an apology is already too much. I'm not going to apologize to you or any other staff.
  8. *Results* Evolution Art Contest

    I already sent a message to noad to clear my post that will not participate. the translation on Google was not right, so I kept posting. But "I" am participating, and this player only came here complains. That is. Does not participate and still complains ...... It is not fair
  9. *Results* Evolution Art Contest

    Can u post 1 work only? please?
  10. [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    Uber or not, good iv or not its a good shiny. congrats @stairway
  11. *Results* Evolution Art Contest

    use imgur.com to uplod your images, copy / paste direct link here

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