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  1. I already explained that it was an error with google translator about the rules. Will you be ignorant of sending more messages even after I explain this and have asked a lot of time before Noad apologize and clean my post that will not participate? I believe that an apology is already too much. I'm not going to apologize to you or any other staff.
  2. I already sent a message to noad to clear my post that will not participate. the translation on Google was not right, so I kept posting. But "I" am participating, and this player only came here complains. That is. Does not participate and still complains ...... It is not fair
  3. [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    Uber or not, good iv or not its a good shiny. congrats @stairway
  4. use imgur.com to uplod your images, copy / paste direct link here
  5. I sincerely apologize for my behavior @Noad, but I work around 8 hours to create something cool. I just want everyone to understand how difficult it is to be original. It does not help change a part of the concept copied and want to win or ask for friend to give opinion or like. At no point did I mention that I am better or worse than someone, but I say and affirm, I am giving my best and using all my creativity to create each of my concepts. I hope everyone understands why I'm upset with some post.
  6. I do not want to bump into my drawings, but Noad was pretty clear in the rules. They should be posted only within the event deadline 06/10 until 06/11 .. Then I will refuel to be validated. Character Name: YANCEYDAWG Pokemon evolved form is based upon: TAUROS Name of evolved form: MITHAUROS Ability: STURDY Sketch for those who copy google and change some details. here is the original Good luck to everyone and win the best art!
  7. That is a original idea. Very cool!
  8. I can imagine this pokemon op in battle. Will be hard beat him...
  9. No one mentioned that they can not post anything, we're just showing sketches. The event starts being voted day 6, so I'll post some before and help the artists with some ideas. It will be an honor to compete with you. And Who is a Friend of ItsBird? I want to battle the drawings against him .. > D
  10. Neither you because words are not valid in this event only art ;)

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