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  1. 🌸 Item Slot 🌸 Top name : Spring / Blossom Costum Costume de Printemps Sorry for the bad quality Can't choose one so I put both. Hope that color option for this vanity pattern can be disponible 💮
  2. C'est un peu rude miskin les nouveaux joueurs Sinon merci pour ce post sab
  3. Thank you for your work, imo billla ecounter 1st version work fine for me, but anyways good job
  4. @Dianinha here lol, hope it can make
  5. @hannahtaylor like this ? lmao
  6. Look my post at page n°64 .. I hope you will like it..
  7. Sorry for some mistakes, forget to put all rules on cali post. First tournament, i'll do better next time. I hope you enjoyed anyway. Sorry , too late :/
  8. Thank you all. I will close registration in 3 minutes.
  9. Item slot : Hair ( 5 ) Item slot : Hat Item slot : Back Name : Crown Name : Magic Rod Item slot : Top Name : Inciner Overall Green Scouter Blue Scouter Red Scouter Item slot : Eyes Item slot : hat Others colors options for skull : Fire Skull Green Skull Pink Skull Purple Skull I hope one of my vanities suggestions will give you ideas for the best to com edit : I would never expected all those likes, thanks for that rly
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