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  1. Someone running one of those <insert thing in here that is banned>, then listing an item on their main account on GTL for stupid money, buying that item on the GTL for stupid money, and basically laundering money from <insert thing in here that is banned> to their main account.
  2. Chances are if someone is asking where they can find it, that means they've never seen it or encountered it... Otherwise, they would not be asking.
  3. I can neither confirm nor deny this, but I did see a few different accounts posting in Trade Chat that they had the Legendary and were "selling" dex entries, might be linked.
  4. You've either got to sell or want to buy a pokemon that has particles, but don't want to sort through 300 Drifloon with Spider's Web Particles before finding the Ghosts Particle. Adding a feature where you can select particles = yes and then start typing the name of the particle you want (or a drop down, but that'd have to be updated often). This will make life SOOOOOO much easier.
  5. " The event will end in 3 hours, 44 minutes. After this period has expired, you will NOT be able to fight the pumpkin king, only exchange "
  6. Will we still be able to redeem the Special Candy to fight pumpking after the event ends, or just redeem the spookies for bags?
  7. i got shit and sold the bags instead
  8. Tried to update, it gave an error saying it can't replace a string please redownload. Then I redownload and all new items just say STRING_####
  9. @quinn010 Is it really hard to catch a rotom or something? I never caught one. Also, I see they're selling for 7k on GTL currently so hoping you guys aren't taking advantage of @ChrisTheDestroyeR
  10. How to do trade chat: Whatever you think your item/pokemon is worth, ask for 1.5x it's value and demand people pay it. How to deal with offers from trade chat: Everyone is going to offer you under 50% of it's value and tell you good deal and "u sell 2 me ????".
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