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  1. Also, when the Reaper Hoods came out is when RP jumped up in price to over 2m. AFAIK, before then a 500RP item was worth around 550-600k before the Reaper Hoods.
  2. Happens all the time. @Obvi and I always talk about what got scooped and flipped. Usually 1-2 things a week get bought up and relisted for significantly higher prices. Holly Hairclip went from 7m to 25m in a week on GTL. Lillicrap from like 13m > 30m back to 15m. Rich players/teams just buy everything, then jack the prices up.
  3. Yea, that's gonna be a no from me dawg.
  4. Only worthwhile thing in the envelopes is the dumplings. I'm converting my entire net worth in PokeMMO into dumplings.
  5. Held a quick fun contest. For 30 minutes. First to catch a shiny got a Golden Dragon Mask. Won't name the OT, but this is the winner!
  6. I won't post the OT, but the same person just caught these 7 minutes and 1 second apart.
  7. Also, it appears vitamins from the Red Envelopes are not tradeable, but from the Lucky Red Envelopes are. Is there any chance this may be changed like in the Xmas event @Kyu ?
  8. Traditional new years is in the regular red as well.
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