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  1. It's a bit ridiculous there's so many topics started about a CN player being banned posted here. We really need a sticky telling them what to do. Wouldn't hurt the forum and would save mods some work. It feels like there's almost more posts about CN players being banned than anything else going on.
  2. It took me over 2 weeks to do a "1 ticket per person" auction for 100 pokeyen for a shiny... This would most likely move faster, but still.
  3. I gotta just come out and say it. We really need a sticky post in CN telling people where to post things like this. This is ridiculous.
  4. I have some 6x0 male-only pokemon, are those comps?
  5. You can't tweak any of them unfortunately.
  6. That's what I meant. This Pfizer Part 2 has me loopy.
  7. Winners, not in order with timings, but these are those who placed in yellow. Also, NeilDown said to catch Skitty. Which wasn't easy, then he submits a 1 minute late catch time! Come on Neil!
  8. Host creates the contest using some automated feature. What poke gets caught where, what the prizes are, etc. Catchers drag/drop their submitted poke into an entry box that validates based on specified information and spits out scores. Beats the hell out of manual entry and checking, would help out official events too.
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