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  1. Christmas event means a crapton of $ even if they just reimplement a previous one and change the present contents. I expect one.
  2. Buy stuff cheap, sell it for more than you bought it. But don't scam people and low-ball them by telling them their stuff isn't worth much, when you know it's worth a lot.
  3. I had to go to the store and buy them.
  4. my smoke detector is beeping because it needs a new battery. anyone have a spare 9-volt?
  5. Got the same issue, I hear they're working on giving us all free money!
  6. They decided to update genderless breeding, where genderless could breed with the same species. People lost tens of millions of dollars in 1 quick update.
  7. @kuplion = 5 OTs in 390 hours. Seems incredibly fair.
  8. I think the real problem is some have money and some don't. We need to just institute socialism and everyone can have a bit of everything for free whenever they want it, because they deserve it. /s
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