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  1. This contest will be a bit different than everything else I've seen. You have to guess the TOTAL IVs of all 60 pokemon in this box. There's no 5x31 comps in here, just a bunch of random snipes including the shiny at the bottom right. Closest WITHOUT going over wins the entire box. Exampe: Total is 100, someone guesses 95, someone else guesses 102, the 95 wins. One guess per account. Contest will close Sunday August 1st at 2:30PM EDT (east coast USA). @MPDH has OK'd this contest and will ensure I don't pull a bait-and-switch with anything. I did add these IVs up twice and came up with the same number.
  2. Mailed another 750k. 3m + that shitty shiny vullaby should be decent for this first one?
  3. Mailed 2.25m and a shiny Vullaby. Unsure what prize structure you are doing.
  4. Holy crap that's a lot of people who competed. Thanks for hosting this!
  5. This moemon stuff is pretty creepy ngl
  6. One of the devs is gonna get a new boat from RP!
  7. You can probably set this up as a viewable google docs link. Would make keeping track of it easier, along with calculations/colorations with formulas. I ❤️ formulas.
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