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  1. Example: TM## is bought on Route 9 shopping mall. "Located at Unova R9 Mall" Red shard is held by XYZ pokemon. Metal Powder is held by Ditto. etc.
  2. EssDeeCee

    Question about Thief

    Economics 101
  3. An event where I don't need a partner. Last Xmas event people sucked at the puzzles and would rush ahead, take all items, and claim they found nothing.
  4. EssDeeCee

    Why Graphic of Fire and Electric Moves sucks

    Admin = Squirtle Of course the water moves are done first.
  5. EssDeeCee

    Should we face inflation?

    "Don't worry, the system will recycle it." Not at a rate anywhere near quick enough.
  6. EssDeeCee

    Trade channel is almost dead

    Well, the cancer that is trade chat probably took its toll and killed it.
  7. EssDeeCee


    Everyone got a shiny Charmander when they logged in today. Did you not get yours?
  8. EssDeeCee

    [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    I was too slow.
  9. EssDeeCee

    Question about Seasonal vanitys

    Event items have a chance of returning?
  10. EssDeeCee

    What do you do with your extras from farming?

    If the IVs are good, sell them on GTL.
  11. Anyone know what the update was for?
  12. EssDeeCee

    Vanity | Particle Suggestion Thread

    Christmas limited time vanity. Top: Tangled Christmas Lights Lights and Animation It'd look like your character is tangled in a strand of Christmas lights. We've all been there trying to untangle the box of Christmas lights and end up getting tangled up ourselves. It would of course have the lighting effect and would benefit from an animation effect of 5 feet of the Christmas lights dragging behind you. I have no image to link beside this one:
  13. EssDeeCee

    [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    CN shiny rate increase confirmed.

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