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  1. Maybe I didn't see it in any updates, but I see some durations up for 28 days and others up for 14 days. Any reasonings?
  2. Damn shiny Aero, but 2+ years of play time is insanity.
  3. IIRC, a dev did say that some accounts do have different shiny rates than others.
  4. I'll chime in here as someone who doesn't play tournaments. I've seen numerous, numerous, numerous tournaments that take forever for subsequent rounds to happen since people try to watch their opponent in the previous round to see what Pokes they used so they can build a team with counters. Not only is that lame as hell, it makes everything take longer and wastes everyones time so they can stroke their ego a bit more. Any changes?
  5. The official 6x0 Mascot is done. It has 6 zeros on it's sides. And no, I don't care about OT at all. GG.
  6. The official 6x0 Mascot is done. It has 6 zeros on it's sides. And no, I don't care about OT at all. GG.
  7. CashFury made a YT video of him relasing a shiny Psyduck I gave him. Dinkle made a YT video of him releasing a few hundred million in shinies he caught. No idea where those threads are.
  8. They better not change this again :( I bred a 6x0 Staryu before the genderless fix came out, and bred a 6x0 Volbeat right before this one came out...
  9. One day before this was posted, I bred a 6x0 Volbeat. I was breeding all 6x0 male-only pokemon for fun. I always bred with ditto and NEVER had the option to choose gender or anything, it just came out as a male Volbeat. Today, I decided to just toss some random 4x0 bred Volbeat I had with a ditto and saw this, but it let me choose gender for a female Illumise. When did this change and why?
  10. I mean, he's got like 950+ days of combined playtime between the 2 accounts he's posted that he's caught shinies with. That's 2.5 years. I'm shocked.
  11. IIRC, the mods or devs at one point said that each account had a different rate of finding shinies. I think they soon backtracked this statement, but jonulo and if anyone remembers Dinkle/Drinkle, it appears those are lucky accounts.
  12. Christmas event means a crapton of $ even if they just reimplement a previous one and change the present contents. I expect one.
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