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  1. You have 8 gyms to use VS. Seeker in so... yeah. It's ok.
  2. @Cirno: That is a rather selfish and immature way for the person to think. I'm so sorry he/she had to SHARE their game from September and on. OT: I think the main reason Teams feel incomplete is because Teams have no real way of interacting with each other. This Ally/Enemy concept won't exactly bring that feeling of completeness, but it will certainly curb everyone's appetite. A little drama brought by this system will be great with the kids, too. (13 and under) ^^ Maybe having a convoluted Team versus Team would finish up the Team concept?
  3. it would be pretty neato if the devs went out of their way and let us rematch the gym leaders at higher levels just like the elite four.
  4. So... I've given Celio the ruby. Now what?
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