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  1. I liked everything except the fake plant brock lesnar guy and the blood smirk cena sent to lesnar. i wish cena could carry himself more seriously and not act like he's meddling with a kid.
  2. cena coming back as a free agent killed me LOL
  3. Roman is underrated, fans just pissed off he was hand picked to retire taker, but then i heard rumours of taker's return again and im like...no.. u dont and can't do that...why? Jinder works out alot true but u dont get low body fat %'s like those without a rigorous diet also those veins of his clear sign. Yep he got 3 manias in a row aiming for that 4th baby. Lana? pfft yea i'd love to see Charlotte win it again, it would reassure me wwe has no issues with her ugly nude pics being leaked, a sore for anyone's eyes. And Brock will squash Joe, Brock needs to stay champion untill Summerslam to be challenged by Braun Strowman.
  4. i'll aspire to be like you one day then xD
  5. thank u for the warning i've noticed xD its fine really btw i heard you're famous here nice meeting you!
  6. i'll wholeheartedly welcome our beloved memelord then!
  7. fun! :D i love memeing too.
  8. oh but you're all actually still playing it? i thought u just hanged around the forum lounge and chatted like old people xD
  9. we will see :D but thank you. i still find too many people here playing so idk.
  10. funny but you're still here.
  11. it is i loved it soo much, joe coming out with a mean look he meant business :D this was better than cena vs brock in 2012 dont hinder jinder? more like lose the juice roman is great in many ways. people who get offended and triggered by wwe's choices on who they wanna make the top guy is ridiculous. just accept it, they didnt change their minds with cena they certainly wont with roman. plus he's pretty hot.
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