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  1. Silok

    Hello dear Kyu, I really liked the implementation of maps this year, but there is something wrong that I would like to tell you.
    Legendary dungeons for holiday events would make the game more attractive with better balances on the market and a much more fun competitive game.
    As a long-time player, I still remember that they had a project like that I hope they can do it soon, thanks for reading
    PS: merry christmas and happy holidays

  2. Currently, with all the competitive pokemons, you can not beat the pumpkin, I find the performance of the staff regrettable, especially since now it is impossible to win it or very complicated and it is impossible for new players. They could remove the effect of mirror mantle but that the pumpkin did not raise the stats is impossible to even kill the first one. The last one is equipped with fight type attacks and in a turn makes 5 different movements. Without counting the second fever dreams that neutralizes any pokemon whatever
  3. Hello everyone, I have been playing for 3 years, every time I have worse luck for everything, try to look for a shiny with a donor and nothing. I want to raise a pokemon with dittos, and three times in a row, with 84% remaining in defense iv in 28 and 25 out ... Nose if they do not want me to play more or just "bad luck" ... but I'm not going to play anymore like that. they made a tournament of whoever got worse iv's won and I won ... my account is cursed and this sounds funny but it's over ... You do not care for old users anymore, the competitive one is junk because y
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