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  1. Team Name: Zumitos Registered player: Santiii, moisessss
  2. Team name: MBV Registered Players: Risadex, Mexidany, moisessss Team Captain: moisessss
  3. Team name: LordDuo Registered players: Redav, moisessss
  4. I think they should host again those leaderboard tournaments that were used to be made before. Gbwead's idea plus those tours coming back will make ppl play uu/nu ladder imo(would be even better if dubs and lc were added to that list)
  5. Player one: moisessss Player two: EpicVerde Team name: Colectivos
  6. Team Name: TheLordsOfTheHax Team Tag: LØRÐ Registered Players: Sebat TiToooo Redav Santiii KiiritoX Kepzal EpicVerde moisessss ChilyOCB isperea ZacMorales Aleso Cali cifudemian xkuroy Team Captain: EpicVerde
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