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  1. wowimonice

    Guild Box

    Wouldn't it be easier to just have shareable boxes as a potential DP/PY buy? Instead of blacklisting users they don't like, each user could give access to certain people who they trust. Also allows people who want to be able to move stuff freely between alts the ability to do so without being tied down to a team, or if you don't 100% trust everyone in your team for some reason. A team box could be made, it would be as simple as someone buying one on an alt and made it the team box, people could deposit and withdraw from it at will with no concerns. I'm personally just troubled by the fact that we are limiting this to team activities where there is a solid userbase who don't have teams/trust newer team members/trust people in general. Plus it also fixes the alt question that has been posed a lot about moving items between alts.
  2. Would work too as a money sink. Imagine the nubs who rebattle, lose, and are now at half $$
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