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  1. [Money Guide] Community Pickup Guide

    So Got a question, by far, what's the best spot for Pickup?
  2. Vanity Item Suggestions

    So disappointed, Alot of discussions on this thread and still no Microwave. Im quitting, sorry.
  3. Vanity Item Suggestions

    Ok. This was a decent idea, but i don't want only for cooking lava cookies. I want it for berry's aswell, like if they're heated, por exemple hondew berry would take out 20Ev's instead of 10. So we would need a tons of different things like that. But still, My microwave suggestion is better, so i want a microwave.
  4. Vanity Item Suggestions

    Sorry @Bestfriends In my opinion, A Pan is a pretty agressive thing and if it is add in-game it can hurt alot of people, I'm keeping my Microwave suggestion, which is a pretty useful thing in-game, so we can craft lava cookies.
  5. Vanity Item Suggestions

    Spatula doesn't heat my food. So no, I want a microwave, and that's it.
  6. Vanity Item Suggestions

    Really? Own... I really wanted a microwave.
  7. Vanity Item Suggestions

    can we get microwaves aswell?
  8. TBeatDown Wager Thread

    LF New challengers Made some bets with @BlackJovi and some aswell with @Kimikozen
  9. TBeatDown Wager Thread

    Crustle Mvp
  10. TBeatDown Wager Thread

    im for sure right now?
  11. Brawlhalla ;]

    Starting to learn some combos with Wu shang Op af Edit: Also Artemis looks lit
  12. TBeatDown Wager Thread

    For sure
  13. TBeatDown Wager Thread

    A little bump on this. LF Matches
  14. TBeatDown Wager Thread

    Won 2 battles 2x100k Wp man :)
  15. TBeatDown Wager Thread

    Won 1x Torinnnn 300k Lost 1x Lejovi 100k im on showdown just hit me up

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