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  1. So Got a question, by far, what's the best spot for Pickup?
  2. So disappointed, Alot of discussions on this thread and still no Microwave. Im quitting, sorry.
  3. Ok. This was a decent idea, but i don't want only for cooking lava cookies. I want it for berry's aswell, like if they're heated, por exemple hondew berry would take out 20Ev's instead of 10. So we would need a tons of different things like that. But still, My microwave suggestion is better, so i want a microwave.
  4. Sorry @Bestfriends In my opinion, A Pan is a pretty agressive thing and if it is add in-game it can hurt alot of people, I'm keeping my Microwave suggestion, which is a pretty useful thing in-game, so we can craft lava cookies.
  5. Spatula doesn't heat my food. So no, I want a microwave, and that's it.
  6. Really? Own... I really wanted a microwave.
  7. hmm 1.35m
  8. can we get microwaves aswell?
  9. LF New challengers Made some bets with @BlackJovi and some aswell with @Kimikozen
  10. Crustle Mvp
  11. im for sure right now?
  12. Starting to learn some combos with Wu shang Op af Edit: Also Artemis looks lit
  13. For sure
  14. A little bump on this. LF Matches
  15. Won 2 battles 2x100k Wp man :)