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  1. Honestly if it was Sinnoh and not Unova coming out I'd be hyped as all heck, but whatever, let's implement the region with the referenced 9/11 New York City desert location first. Haha, but in all seriousness hype always dies out pretty quickly, we got to see what we were going to get with the last PTS and it sated us for now, the hype is more in the silent side but it's still there.
  2. I really love this idea Glad you guys are looking into it and yeah the shiny hunting thing or homemaker I would imagine would be impossible to code. But maybe the bug catcher type title might be able to code which would be pretty cool in my opinion
  3. This guy found a four leaved clover under a double rainbow before a horseshoe hit him on the shoulder.
  4. Please make this thing for some quality of life >.<
  5. Man that wild normal skitty sure has a weird name >:)
  6. My friend SmokerJoker just accidentally used one of his two masterballs sadly, he was catching dittos and went 1 further down on his ball list on accident and since he was spamming Z it used his masterball. Apparently the text telling you you're about to use your masterball starts you out on yes, so if you aren't paying attention and press z it uses it anyway, could it be changed to start out on the no option by any chance? Thank you.
  7. Was doing homework just wanted to hop on PokeMMO, I literally moved 2 water tiles to leave icefall cave and single encounted my second shiny, a tentacool. Kinda depressed it could've been a shiny lapras, but still thank you God you have blessed me with shiny luck <3
  8. I literally posted that it should be taken from level 100 to level 99 only...
  9. Illumino

    Level Remover

    So the devs have done amazing work with implementing gens 4-5 and it will eventually be coming to PokeMMO in due time. With gens 4-5 we also get more evolutions for gens 1-3 pokemon especially gen 4 which introduced a lot of revamped evolutionary lines. But if someone bred a 5x31 natured pokemon (sneasel, gligar etc.) and is at level 100 they won't be able to evolve their pokemon and will have to rebreed through the process. My idea was to have an NPC who for $5,000 could reduce a pokemon's level from 100 to 99, so when gen 4-5 do come out players don't have to rebreed an entirely new pokemon.
  10. When you slide out of existence at the ice gym, fun times <3
  11. I'm always late to the party, makes me look cooler B)
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