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    I'm late but hello!!! I see you in channel 2 all the time haha, good to see you on the forums :)
  2. I really love this idea Glad you guys are looking into it and yeah the shiny hunting thing or homemaker I would imagine would be impossible to code. But maybe the bug catcher type title might be able to code which would be pretty cool in my opinion
  3. This guy found a four leaved clover under a double rainbow before a horseshoe hit him on the shoulder.
  4. I am just starting to get into competitive and watch tournaments to learn so I'll admit that my word shouldn't really carry any wait. But from what I've seen banning something that is being used very commonly in a tier just causes another problem to arise. If Haunter is banned to OU it won't be used there at most it would be a gimmick rarely seen. Another threat would surely come to take its place surely not as powerful, but causing problems just the same.
  5. Please make this thing for some quality of life >.<
  6. Welcome to PokeMMO! My name is Illumino and I am on channel 2 24/7 if you ever want to catch me :) Sinnoh was my favorite region too! It also brought my favorite pokemon as well ambipom so I'll always have a special place in my heart for Sinnoh. After Unova is released we should be getting Sinnoh in some time after so that's something to look forward to Good luck with your career on PokeMMO Can't wait to see you around!
  7. - Template1 - Name: Illumino Team: EF Render: Aipom Text color (optional): Grey Stain color (optional): Grey Donation: 100k - Template1 - Name : Illumino Team: EF Render: Aipom Text Color : Purple Stain color: Grey Donation: 100k Hi I came back just wanted to switch up my sig for the team with a switch and whatever. Anyway could you please make me the same one twice with different text colors? I'll still donate 100k for each of them I just want to see which one I'd like better. Thank you so much!
  8. Man that wild normal skitty sure has a weird name >:)
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