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  1. OT #29 Slowpoke [27,720] and forgot to post OT #28 Shelmet [2,940] both w/ No Dono
  2. OT #22 Golbat [17,823] and #23 Woobat [720] w/ Dono
  3. OT #21 Duskull [420] ~2hrs after getting #20 Vullaby [55,711] Also forgot to post #19 Electrike [59,625]
  4. OT #18 Sneasel @13,960 Also OT # 15 Sandile, 16 Magikarp, & 17 Poliwag Forgot to post, adding to thread
  5. OT #12, 13, 15 14 for the past 3 months searching hordes. Posting and adding them to the thread
  6. OT #11 and 1st of the year, just stopping by and adding to the thread
  7. #10 Shiny, 1st of the 2019 year just dropping by and passing through
  8. Shiny Teddiursa, 3 attempts, I just ... I just need a moment
  9. 3 Safari shinies in 5 days, 2 caught Just here to reconfirm the shiny rate 9 encounters later ... Here's the mareep:
  10. So this just happened, still trying to gather myself: 1 Safari ball later, still trying to gather myself.
  11. Absolutely love it, this looks better than I imagined. Sorry for the delay, didn't think you would finish so fast! I'll mail you in-game, thank you again!
  12. Great, I would love a shiny swablu portrait. Maybe one with a regular and a shiny swablu if you can make it work. Something similar to this: I don't have a solid preference on pose but maybe facing front and/or happy. Also, flying would be preferred. I can't think of anything else, will this work?
  13. Hi, I was wondering if you would be able to make a portrait of a single pokemon, no character/trainer. Would give more details if this is something you could do. Thanks!
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