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  1. OT #18 Sneasel @13,960 Also OT # 15 Sandile, 16 Magikarp, & 17 Poliwag Forgot to post, adding to thread
  2. OT #12, 13, 15 14 for the past 3 months searching hordes. Posting and adding them to the thread
  3. OT #11 and 1st of the year, just stopping by and adding to the thread
  4. #10 Shiny, 1st of the 2019 year just dropping by and passing through
  5. Shiny Teddiursa, 3 attempts, I just ... I just need a moment
  6. 3 Safari shinies in 5 days, 2 caught Just here to reconfirm the shiny rate 9 encounters later ... Here's the mareep:
  7. So this just happened, still trying to gather myself: 1 Safari ball later, still trying to gather myself.
  8. They're coming to the Fillmore sometime in November, too. Really cool to see them back
  9. As to the Spurs, excellent performance and shout out to Son's goal
  10. ~ w/ Donator's @11k encounters All my screenshots went black, but here's the other OTs I forgot to post
  11. Sorry for extreme potato, couldn't get a screenshot on my computer so I had to use mobile, will update when I can. Still sorting through and making sure on # of encounters, but was a short hunt Good way to end the holiday weekend. Cheers EDIT: I've since bred it, this bad screen might be the only shot I have of it. Caught @25500
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