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  1. KAKUNA hordes can be found near the safari zone in hoenn
  2. Client Customization Suggestions

    Bigger text Mod for people with poor vision
  3. No idea if this thread is still getting updates Koffings sometimes have smoke balls I caught two in fiery path in hoenn with them ALSO you can find Koffings in Fiery Path
  4. The Breeding Guide

    Do egg moves work the same as in the main games? Also is it possible to teach attacking moves to magikarp and abra
  5. Frequently asked questions.

    In the devblog I thought just the PTS was on Unova and they were working on Gen 4 and 5? Sorry for misunderstanding.
  6. Frequently asked questions.

    Such a tease, would be cool if Sinnoh rolled in by august :P
  7. Frequently asked questions.

    Thanks, I had just came back to pokemmo havent played since september. It's good in the works do they have a rough ETA?
  8. [GUI] KS-Ghost Theme

    Download Link Broke
  9. Frequently asked questions.

    Unless i'm blind, Why isn't are you going to add New Regions or When you are FAQ Questions? Im sure a lot of people would like to know. I know it is hard to develop it to encompass new regions (preferably Sinnoh) on just donation money. Just wondering if there are any plans for new regions EDIT: I have no idea how often this is asked but would you ever consider a dev kit to maybe let others contribute other regions of roms. of course little to no code of pokemmo now would be given just what to do so it could be setup

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