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  1. Whaaat? I'm just summarizing the reasons as to why my team quit. I'm still playing the game. Just because something is free doesn't mean it can't improve, and players are a big part of the success, your answer doesn't make any sense. No players = No game. And good thing you are not a mod, imagine banning players for expressing opinions, sounds like a dictatorship rather.
  2. Eventually yes. That was not really what I was trying to discuss, I wanted a civilized discussion about the listed reasons, why people leave because of them, other people's opinions on those matters and etc. I am sad that my team left, but it is what it is. They may or may not come back if change happens in PokeMMO. Also thank you everyone for your responses, I am truly grateful to hear your stories and opinions.
  3. Today most of my team just left PokeMMO for another game, listing following reasons as to why: * Recent grinding nerfs (Also ghost nerfing) * Tediousness and repetitiveness of grinding * Lack of end-game content * Lack of recreational activities * Toxic community * Slow updates (VERY slow.) This upset me very greatly as I was having a great time with these people, now when I log in I am usually the only person online. But I must agree on the listed reasons feeling extremely discouraging aswell. And I was wondering what other people felt about the listed reason
  4. Just a never ending loading screen for me atm :/
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