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  1. Congratz @Tawla for reaching 1st ! @Hercules 2nd and @lavabobo 3rd !!
  2. One last thing to mention, it is allowed to use a team of !!!!!6 NU Pokemon !!!! Just make sure u have a maximum of ONE OU and THREE UU pokemon in your team !!!!
  3. Date & Time Sunday May 12th 11:30 AM EDT Details Hey guys! I always wanted to host an event our tour for Team Läva the second i joined the Team, now its my time and i hope you all will have fun and enjoy the Tour! Rules The rules are simple, build a team out of 6 Pokemon and link them to me a day before the tour starts ( Saturday May 11th) You get to see the opponent Mons for 1.30 min before the match starts. There you will decide, which !4! mons u choose for the upcoming battle. The team has to have Pokemon out of the following tiers : 1 OU 3 UU 2 NU ( Also you're not allowed to change any mon or hold item during the tour, so make sure u keep the right mons! ) ( I make screenshots of every team linked to me, so nobody can cheat !) After all people linked me their teams and i screenshotted them, i will start and make the roster for the tour. ( It will be a K.O system, so if u lose, you're out ! ) Clauses !!!DOUBLES!!! Sleep/OHKO/Pristine/Species/Hax Item/Evasion/Bag Item/Time/Self KO/Item Clause Location Island 4 ch1 PC Prizes I know all peole are most hiped for the prizes, so here they are : 1st Prize: 2 Mons of your choice OR 1 genderless Mon ( both options will be 2x31 3x25 + nature + 2 eggmoves) 2nd Prize: 1 Mon of your choice ( 2x31 3x25 + nature + 2 eggmoves ) 3rd Prize: 100k Hope u all enjoy the tour and may be the RNG with u! If u have any more questions feel free to ask under that post or ingame! <3 Host's @KawaiiRem and @Dibz
  4. About 2 years ago i played a lot of VGC ( You bring 6 mons but can only choose 4) and i think its a really nice format for doubles gettin more popular. Pls tell me what u guys think about that, feel free to text me here or at PokeMMO. My name there is the same as here.
  5. isnt trapinch a really good LC mon?
  6. if u can put me in id like to participate :P
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