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  1. isnt trapinch a really good LC mon?
  2. Hey guys, I played PokeMMO for quite a long time now and i noticed that breeding comps can be a pain in the ass. So I am here to do you a favour and breed the mons for you. I got many breeders left in my boxes, but it can happen that I dont have the specific egg-group of your wished future comp . So it can take quite some time, but never more then 3 days. About the money part : I will take different prices, which depends on the egg-group and also gender ( some females are 5k and others are 21k...) Genderless have a different price as well. I will do 5x31 (1.3m~) mons for you but also 2x31 3x25 (350k~) for the ones who dont need to use 'perfect comps'. Also i would like to get the money at the beginning so i dont have to sit on the comp ;D If u have any more questions about my offer, feel free to ask me anything! Also u can just text me here or ingame and we can talk about details there. So dont let @Funkykong and me (KawaiiRem) suffer and give us work ! Have a great day! <3
  3. if u can put me in id like to participate :P
  4. And it was a good Surprise :D
  5. I will take number 44 :) ! KawaiiRem ~~
  6. i do have the bag open lol but it still wont work?
  7. Ty Bishav but this is not working at all, i cant move them around they're stick to this place..:((((
  8. On the top left corner are my key items which are binded to like 'R' or 'F'. also there are my money, city/route name and channel. My problem is now, that the key items are in the same place as the city name n stuff and i cant move them away.... pls help me guys!
  9. Hey guys, i want to plain my seeds to make liechi berries. I already did that several times and it was always 14 hours dryrate. But now there are 8 hours listed...pls help me!
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