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  1. Hey @staff i cant play the game anymore because i switched the email adress for my account? can someone pls help me fix that, i dont want to wait 30 days to change my email again
  2. I deinstalled PokeMMO bcs of the update problems and wanted to redownload, but if i go to the official website and try to download it for windows, its not possible. pls help
  3. i cant redownload it and i dont know why, if i click the download link there is an error
  4. same bro but im glad its not XD ok thanks that are good news !
  5. ye bro i already saw it, thats kinda fucked up imo. just want to play the game <.< also on the phone are no problems at all ?? talkin about the apk version
  6. ye guys ive got the same problem ! :( deinstalled and cant redownload <.<
  7. Hey guys, epsecially the staff, why cant i redownload the game? i downloaded the update and werent able to open the game again, so i tried to deinstall and redownload. but thats not even possible?? pls help me solve the problem so i can finish my team and tryhard in ranked again !
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