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  1. KawaiiRem

    Bug? I just need help!

    i do have the bag open lol but it still wont work?
  2. KawaiiRem

    Bug? I just need help!

    Ty Bishav but this is not working at all, i cant move them around they're stick to this place..:((((
  3. KawaiiRem

    Bug? I just need help!

    On the top left corner are my key items which are binded to like 'R' or 'F'. also there are my money, city/route name and channel. My problem is now, that the key items are in the same place as the city name n stuff and i cant move them away.... pls help me guys!
  4. KawaiiRem

    Happy Halloween - Lottery

    7 - KawaiiRem
  5. KawaiiRem

    Liechi Berries

    Hey guys, i want to plain my seeds to make liechi berries. I already did that several times and it was always 14 hours dryrate. But now there are 8 hours listed...pls help me!
  6. KawaiiRem

    Ew It's Goku!

    Give me the number 37
  7. KawaiiRem

    Team Lava

    Thank you! :)
  8. KawaiiRem

    Team Lava

    Hey guys, im lookin for some Team Lava members, i really want to join the Team again!
  9. KawaiiRem

    Black and/or White ROMs

    Ok i dont know what happened, but i cant fir the ROM in the game....idk cant someone help me with that problem ? I really just want to play the game again!
  10. KawaiiRem

    Black and/or White ROMs

    ...Oh i know whats up, you guys dont trust me :( But i already found a ROM, so we'll see us later in the game ! :)
  11. KawaiiRem

    Black and/or White ROMs

    Why cant you share ROMs here? I just want to Play the Game :///
  12. KawaiiRem

    Black and/or White ROMs

    Hello, i did not play PokeMMO since a year now and want to join the Community again, but i cant find any ROMs for Pokemon Black or White. May you or someone else can help me? Would be great!!! Thanks, KawaiiRem.

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