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  1. It fell from 3rd story building by accident Once I am ingame I will hit u up if ever need help Thank u
  2. Once I am there we will meet I am sure And thank u
  3. Hey there mike thank you Long time no see
  4. Hello everyone well I know I had done my introduction long ago but I had been gone for long time Because I broke my laptop but not I am coming soon as possible so I would need help like whats happening in game so I can catch up with game fast Thank u... And see u Soon in game #Radish
  5. Once upon a time there was this man called Radish who by accedent droped his laptop and broke it...... Rip Laptop


    Then I had to stop playing because no computer

    Annnnnnnd....... I had to move to another country so didnt buy computer 


    But now I am back and I am buying my new pc so PokeMMO I AM COMING SOON!!!!!!




  6. Welcome if u need any help let us know :)
  7. yeaa I don't think that's a good thing ether XD
  8. hahaha rejected Lmao. nice 1 Jeanne XD
  9. no worrys that has happened to me before as well
  10. Ofcorse I just hope u and my brother can be same just like u and I am right now :)
  11. haha well my brother has really crazy ideas XD
  12. hey my name in Game is FaintedMagikarp I am superRaditz younger brother I don't have forums account so that's why I am doing this from my brother Forums. I am new here never played this game before and I hope it goes good for me. You can meet me IGN: FaintedMagikarp :)
  13. Welcome Mate Hope u enjoy the game its really fun X)
  14. Txt: SuperRaditz down my name Team name PurpleHerps[HERB]. Use my vegetto image I am using on fourms Make it Look amazing and better then GokusSSGSS :3 thank you~~
  15. Radish


    Mate Mr ""Pro""@GokuSSGSS where is that Extra s in Goku :3
  16. Radish


    Welcome back enjoy :D
  17. Radish


    ik ur channel and I don't really need help I quite know everything but thank u . Keep up the good work BestFriends (Roy Rogers)
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