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  1. my account i dont know the password

    but this is my new account :D

  2. Once upon a time there was this man called Radish who by accedent droped his laptop and broke it...... Rip Laptop


    Then I had to stop playing because no computer

    Annnnnnnd....... I had to move to another country so didnt buy computer 


    But now I am back and I am buying my new pc so PokeMMO I AM COMING SOON!!!!!!




  3. yeaa I don't think that's a good thing ether XD
  4. hahaha rejected Lmao. nice 1 Jeanne XD
  5. no worrys that has happened to me before as well
  6. Are u listening to some sad music again that makes u cry everytime?
  7. u called me give me 2min I am coming online <3
  8. Respect The MeTa :3 My summer holidays are starting soon and i guess I will shiny hunt wish me luck I just hope I can get my 5th OT shiny Soon.
  9. fURTTXS.gif

    1. ReddoKun
    2. Radish


      thank u very much really liked it :D

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