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  1. @xStarr 's favourite mon, he cosplays as him daily 🙂
  2. i alerted you 3h before the deadline about this, and you responded 4h after. You were probably asleep, you get given the benefit of the doubt. But we don’t? Even when you read the times that it could be anytime on Sunday and you didn’t say anything?
  3. Same as what Sebat said, we sent every time and gb responded so we assumed it was fine. A bit odd to give a punishment for a misunderstanding..
  4. could be 5.5m if you take: 500k on Qwilfish n' Chips winning this week
  5. I'll take this, sorry my chinese friends 😞
  6. 500k that we win the week, middleman needed. Void if tie
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