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  1. Would there ever be any consideration of adding HA's/legends into the wild locations/special locations we already currently have? Or are the development team set on adding them to the dungeons? Just curious if this had been discussed at all previously
  2. This makes 3 long team events in rapid succession, I don't think many people are going to play this. If they are the standard is going to be lower than usual as it will be half assed by most or the higher caliber players simply won't sign up. I don't think it is a smart idea to host one this soon.
  3. I made a suggestion of this 2 months ago in there, a response to this would be appreciated :) Here's a link to where i posted it.
  4. I'm really surprised to see no one has mentioned the lack of a prize buff on the new tournaments. This is a 128 tournament prize (128 + shiny in OU) And this is a 256 tournament prize (256 + shiny in OU) 200 more RP for first place?!?!?! That's all the buff is? I surely can't be the only person which thinks it is absolutely ridiculous for them to double a tournaments size and only add 200rp to the prize lmfao, oh let me not forget the HUGE extra 100 rp on 3rd and 4th! and the whopping 75 rp for 9-16 So my question is, when is this going to be changed?
  5. lmao gonna seem weird quoting myself but ill take this jovi
  6. Belgium 0 - 0 Germany SMOU - LLLLiolae VS Linken – 200k Group B Peru B 0 - 0 Turkey OU - zAnderson VS tipsizdarkbey UU - Mlhawk VS itsgray NU - ZDFire VS Meekmillz Doubles - AngelosRed VS Kamowanthere SMOU - Huargensy VS Oltan Columbia A 0 - 0 China B OU - BrianattackPro VS Caosl UU - Yaritan VS Wyqnibaba NU - Jamesfaul VS Sgerard LC Dreico VS OtoukiO Doubles - iJulianFNT VS FishCakes – 200k SMOU - Zeldris VS iaputafans - 200k Group D Canada 0 - 0 Brexit OU - Ravael VS purpleturkleton SMOU - The Amazing Toast VS Lifestyle USA 0 - 0 Rest of Europe UU: aftershocker VS PowerDrib SMOU: NiKhilr VS Quinnw Rest Of Asia 0 - 0 Venezuela B OU - xMikasaAckerman VS ZacMorales NU - Kupokun VS Lejovi Doubles - InuyashaL VS Guilleex SMOU - Slavicmedicine VS tMoi Every bet is 100k unless stated otherwise. IGN: LeJovi (Forum Banned) Bold is the person I bet will win. If you reply to this, the bet is taken. No need to ask me for me to confirm. 1 TAKER PER BET XD LAWL LOL POGGERS
  7. @LUbEnWEiII owes me 1m. IGN Luke Edit: They paid, gg.
  8. me vs mentalsoft after jovi's game lost
  9. I love you, will mail a lil sum when I log on later
  10. **NOT MY BETS** Venezuela A VS Argentina A NU - Abstractt VS wiriketchup Doubles - xshadow VS Titoooo with 4 o's SMOU - xUltraJesus Vs Lkrenz Peru A VS Belgium UU - Thuxs VS Mknz NU - RaiderOP VS Kriliin LC - Aldahirramirez VS Stelian SMOU - DioxPro VS LLLLiolae Spain VS Rest Of America Doubles Zigh VS Santiii Korea VS Turkey NU - largeflower VS Meekmillz Africa VS China B NU - Tawla VS Wyqnibaba Brazil VS Columbia A NU - JhowCrazy VS JulianFNT – 200k SMOU - Risadex VS Zeldriz China A VS Brexit 2.0 OU - MentalSoft VS Lvke UU - MamoswineZ VS BlueBreath Doubles - Blackblak VS Rendi SMOU - Starmind VS LifeStyle 200k each Canada VS Rest of Asia UU - Gbwead VS SweetForU NU - StriderXD VS The GOD KupoKun Venezuela B VS Rest Of Europe OU – Zacmorales VS Rynners NU - Frankiel VS TohnR Every bet is 100k unless stated otherwise. IGN: LeJovi (Forum Banned) Bold is the person I bet will win.
  11. Ok but, where is this proof? Without posting the proof how are we able to judge the situation? All we have to go off is what the hosts are saying, and looking at some of the previous decisions made so far not many people are going to be inclined to do this. All you have explicitly told us is he muted his mic during the call, this is not ban worthy.
  12. (hes banned on forums) LeJovi: Taking up to 1m on myself vs @MullenYu He will take every bet against him, reply to this post
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