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  1. Our TC members ladies and gentlemen! Trying to create a fair and fun meta for every style right? πŸ˜„ Uh no, "due time" is several months lmao. Because of how stupid the tiering and banning system is we will have to endure a full season of an unplayable tier (probably longer) because there's a policy of not banning within a season. Some examples of broken shit staying in a tier for a very long time ( can't give exact times for all since I don't remember but its at least 3 months for some 9 months for others): SD Garchomp Draco Hydrei NU Durant NU Venomoth NU Roserade UU Porygon2 UU Haxorus UU Porygon-Z NU Dugtrio And some others which I will have forgotten. So yeah, it isn't a problem for you dead TC members who don't touch the game. But for those who play regularly and enjoy this game 3 - 9 months of an unplayable tier will be a problem.
  2. This should be all you need to see to know you are making a huge mistake
  3. Alakazam to NU? This is a visual bug and you mean NUBL right... P2 + P-Z + Luc in UU will make the tier an absolute shit show, dropping more broken stuff to keep broken stuff in check is not good. Luc might be fine without P2 and P-z though. But guess we won't ever find out..
  4. @MunyaCan I double check that the tier shifts won't be put into place until the 10k RP tours for UU and NU respectively? iirc they usually were done like this in the past and it really sucked..
  5. +1 I'm typically quite negative but I have to say it was great that staff hosted one of these, I know a lot of people were excited for it.
  6. absolutely agree, gtl flipping doesn't look like it has results within the first few days.. But for very little time put into flipping you can easily make back millions by waiting weeks for stuff to sell. And just putting in 1-2 hours a day (if that) If you want to learn about GTL flipping then just watch the market closely and don't be afraid to fail, that's how you learn. You will lose money in the start and overpay for stuff, but eventually you'll have knowledge which comes second nature to you of the market.
  7. Not too sure why my post was deleted? It was very polite and had good points in it.. But whatever, I'll repost it as it surely must've been a mistake 🀨 What are the state of HA and dungeons now? Since for some reason randbattles got priority over them.. Will dungeons and HA be put on hold because of random battles? I saw Rache talking about there being updates coming to Rand battles. Will this happen instead of HA and Dungeons?
  8. Thanks, where is this posted so I can know where to look ?
  9. Could we not be told when they will be hosted before the season even starts? Makes sense to do it this way since people can plan ahead.. And tours can be scheduled around them
  10. Ever since the introduction of Sinnoh there has been an unofficial rework of how banning works, it has been stated sometimes in threads or referenced but it has NEVER been officially stated and cleared the air being outlayed with what are the exact current tiering policies. As seen here, both of these threads are currently listed as the active rules. This doesn't happen, if it did Hydreigon, Wobbu, Garchomp would all be in ubers tier. We need an mapped out detailed version of what the hell the current tiering system is, it's currently nerfs right? Why? And why does it not state this. What is the competitive benefit of not banning Pokemon and just pulling 50 complex bans out of your guys ass to keep broken stuff in tiers. Which overcomplicates stuff for not only new players, but old players alike. There is a distinct lack of knowledge from the players side on what the hell is going on nowadays in pvp and I feel we deserve some explanations. Yes in the past the dev team has been fucked over by admins and mods leaking stuff, which has forced them to be in some kind of goth-like teenage rebellious state where they moap around and are completely closed off not revealing absolutely anything. We are not trying to fuck over the dev team, we simply want to know what the future of the game we have poured way too much time and effort into is. I am telling you now for a fact these threads do not create enough communication and something needs to change, a TC discord would solve this problem. As I stated before 1-2 posts from an odd TC member and you saying "We are looking at it" is not really giving us much clarity. This is great and all, but we don't see this. The inactive players could be amazing at theorying and arguing but we don't see it, so all we see is dead players who never publicly comment, haven't played in years and we are supposed to rely on these guys to be creating a healthy and fun environment for tiers..? Do you not see the problem here.. Why was it not openly discussed when the issue was first raised nearly a month ago by a TC member? I only saw 2 members publicly comment about it. Except another post which was removed because it said stuff which you didn't like in it. This is good to hear I am glad something is finally being done about this, but the point still remains about the lack of communication in the public eye.
  11. Can there be some form of TC discord created where we can actively engage with the TC members? Sort of fed up of having to hear 1 member comment about something, radio silence for weeks then Munya saying "we're discussing it soontm" it doesn't really seem like a good system.. Nor do we have any idea what is going to happen, while it seems like any input from players outside of TC is just ignored.. Not to mention many dead members hide behind this very private TC method. And now an ex TC member (a very active and currently successful one at that) has came forward speaking out on their incompetence. And when you're in control of our tiers, we should at least be able to see if these guys are competent - or just living in the past and doing guess work. Right now it's pretty much players theorying in our own player created discord, it would be a lot better to have an open dialogue with quicker response time with the tier council members. Maybe even a sub-section to the official one would work. Just some food for thought. It has been very frustrating for a long time basically talking to a wall about issues in competitive. I'd also like to add onto this that it's sort of unofficially been stated that there's been a change in how the tiering works, why is there no official announcement on this? Why do the competitive playerbase (a pretty large chunk of this game) have 0 idea on how the official logistics of competitive tiering works anymore? It has been left up to speculation. And from what I have heard many tier council members don't even properly know. Where is the clarity? @Munya @[email protected]
  12. Team Name: Hinata & Kageyama Player OU: Luke Player NU: Aloned
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