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  1. IGN: Luke Country: England Tier: OU Personal note: (i wont play much but im a decent builder ^_^ )
  2. No dev response? Coming up to 2 months. I'll keep hammering until i get a response! @[email protected]@Desu @Rache
  3. I love this idea, are there any future plans to hold more of these and then make a thread with the winners as sample teams for each meta? Could be a good starting point for new players since there are not really any sample teams for new players to use. Of course with new meta shifts the samples would have to change, just a thought. Nice stuff, hope to see an OU one soon :)
  4. bred 77 pokemon for me extremely fast :)
  5. its this lack of knowledge from those who have power + control on competitive which constantly frustrates the player base.
  6. 1M on myself vs gb, 1m on pablo vs lunarck. only sia members can take both taken by mkns
  7. Gonna quote my good friend to save time on repeating what he said.
  9. Still waiting for @PoseidonWrathto pay!
  10. Surely admins devs and mods wouldn't ignore a post gaining as much attention as this?! 46 likes in less than 2 days clearly a hot topic?! Right?? They'd defend their controversial decision which almost everyone is against and explain it.. R-right?
  11. I did not know this thread existed so I will reference it. Important to note not a single response on this thread linked above from any mod, admin dev etc other than a very safe response avoiding the topic.. @Rache @Munya @Squirtle @Kyu @Desu @Bearminator etc.. whoever makes the decision idk (clearly not mods but trying to get an admin to respond is the equivalent of trying to get blood out of a stone) Why do you make changes for the competitive community which are by design uncompetitive then refuse to respond when we question why?
  12. Remove King's Rock, Quick Claw, and Sand Veil from competitive play. And any other RNG inducing ridiculousness you guys allowed to be used for whatever reason. There is no counter play to these items / abilities. It is not in the players hands, it is in RNG's hands. Extremely frustrating to lose when you have a max HP Magnezone to ensure Cloyster is manageable; and then some Kings Rock cloyster flinches it to death.. Same with one of the most popular pokemon (Garchomp) avoiding eq's / toxics / hp ices in sand and just dropping you like its nothing. Not even gonna talk about the ext
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