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  1. no u wont come on and finish a breed for me and give me one of ur ot's. Sorry, maybe WinD wants you
  2. Lvkee

    [Art] [Sig] Mayu's Signature/Art Shop

    ur banner and sig are both by u tho so you're ur own betch?
  3. Lvkee

    [Art] [Sig] Mayu's Signature/Art Shop

    tyy looks great, i mailed money to ur ign off ur profile if its wrong uhhh.... my bad? I mailed 200k instead of 250 since not animated ^_~
  4. Lvkee

    What time does event end?

    So many things wrong with this, firstly: why punish players who are smart enough to notice how the market works for farming multiple limited vanities, it's a smart move and it's not like anyone is restricting any active players from not doing this too. Nothing is boosting "VanityMMO" as vanities are absolutely optional and don't effect the experience of PokeMMO in any way at all. and yes, typically people who have the most of something will dictate the value as THEY have the items, there is nothing wrong with this. Anything which is exclusive should never return to any event in the future. As that takes away from the whole point of it (being rare and limited) and in the long term will make many items undesirable. On top of this it would get pretty boring if every year it would be the same vanities over and over and over.. The reason there is hype around Halloween events as there is many unique good looking vanities.
  5. Lvkee

    [PSLX] Betting Thread

    take butler @camilo7
  6. Lvkee

    [Sig] Matt's Signature Shop

    looks great!! Thank you
  7. Lvkee

    [Sig] Matt's Signature Shop

    Name: Luke Team: Rise Render/Character: Breloom Type of artwork: Signature (like havs) Colour: idk just something that works Donation: I'll find something decent to mail
  8. I didn't like Chimchar because he was scratching his butt, and at that time I didn't like penguins, so I chose Turtwig. -Suneet
  9. Lvkee

    Let us Customise Team Ranks

    how dare you
  10. sun very goo he do bree for me gooding well
  11. Lvkee

    [Art] [Sig] Mayu's Signature/Art Shop

    Name: Lvke (MY IGN IS NOW 'Luke' but if u cant change from Lvke its fine) Team Tag: RISE with the weird E Character(s)/Pokemon(s): Shiny Breloom & normal Porygon-z Render (Optional): Type of Artwork: Signature Animated?: Yes Donation: 250k (pls don't take 8 months ty <3)
  12. well other than this, we have seen an influx of players since u have gone so.. HMMMMMMMMMMMM
  13. 0 People online, stop having a life and get on rn all of you

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