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  1. Ok so let me give some context to this absolutely absurd and ridiculous situation which my team and I have been put through, in chronological order: Badbaar and Encanto have had issues in the past, so I took it upon myself to immediately create a group where me, gb, badbaar and encanto could come to a good solution as fast as possible to make sure their duel happens. There was initial problems however they came to a begrudging agreement to play at this date: I was unsure of the logistics of the game, since it was treated like an extension (a decision directly from the host) which everyone agreed with, so I asked gb about it: So as you can see, he stated that the normal procedure should be followed. But when push came to shove, the rules magically change??? There was also problems with the initial time and they MUTUALLY came to an agreement to reschedule the initial duel to this time as you can see here: ( Duel Rescheduled For: 11PM GMT) Ok the set up regarding the duel over, fast forward to the day of the duel. Lotus is playing YettoDie, and YettoDie disconnects. I take the decision to claim the win from the disconnect. (which I am allowed to do) Enchanteur is extremely offended by this, begins to hurl insults at me alongside his players insulting mine; I calmly respond and just laugh it off as classic encanto banter. But then I join a voice chat around 15 minutes later, and I'm told that enchanteur has now made the decision to give us 2 activity wins and refuses to play his duel, and Sejuani refuses to play pablo too. I am obviously quite taken aback, and also annoyed that he'd do this. So I message him directly to see the issue at hand: I tell gb we should just follow the normal procedure, and approach the battle like any other extension would be (Which I want to stress gb had the idea to do) Which is, turn up for the battle wait 15 minutes, request an immediate sub. If this all fails, then give an activity win (which I tried fucking everything to avoid) Gb then announces that the duel is postponed?? For what reason?? Other than absolute bias to dodge a really tricky situation lol And yes, Badbaar did turn up at the correct time. Wait for enchanteur (who was online at around 13 mins in of waiting) and refused to play after 15 minutes of waiting (10 mins waiting for enchanteur) (5 mins for immediate sub) If nothing can come from this, I simply want to expose this shit. XD But ye, I'm the big bad villain for wanting someone who refuses to play, to play.. Then when he breaks the rules and disrespects me for him to face the repurcussions. (Which I would've definitely faced if I was doing this shit) Amazing. Not making another post, maybe an edit ^_^ I'd also like to make it clear, yes. Now I DO want the activity wins. This shits went on for too long, and the longer it goes on it hurts my team. Sorry Mismagicians that your manager did this shit. TLDR: Badbaar and Encanto agreed a duel date, Encanto refuses to show up due to salt. I ask for the duel to happen, he refuses. I ask for a sub, he refuses. Then gb refuses to follow the normal procedure, for WHY? I don't know.
  2. Enchanteur vs Badbaar in 10 minutes (according to scheduling with gb, encanto, badbaar in dm's)
  3. And yet they've never ever given a good reason why
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