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  1. Lvkee

    More Battle Boxes

    lmao. So people can have 2 teams per tier, a whopping 4 more teams than now? Great idea
  2. longer than most people expected it to last tbf
  3. 2x31 3x25 = 330k* 2x31 3x27 = 370k* 2x31 3x28 = 420k* 1 Egg Move = Free (Any more past 1 will be extra dependent on the Egg Move) I don't do happiness breeds, Male only breeds or EV's. Mail IGN "Luke" if interested *closed for now* But selling: 3x27 2x31 Gengar - timid 3x27 2x31 dnite - ada 3x27 2x31 gyara - jolly
  4. Team Name: No Rematch Team Tag: NORE Registered Players: Frags Axoa LifeStyle LeJovi Luke Lotus TTVZeknShooter yosoyarca Baneadito QuinnW tMoi NikhilR Zhiko kiwikidd Pablobacas xLaz BlueBreath xLuneth LKrenz abstractt Team Captain: LeJovi
  6. IGN: Luke Reason: need that 2peat. Other random stuff: Although I won last time I made mistakes, this time with more experience managing it's time to have a flawless run :)
  7. I agree with all. I feel the split of the money should be delegated to the two, and maybe should be arranged early on from all managers which opt in to it to prevent any clash of funds.
  8. Life vs gb argument part 50 ^ What I propose is an optional choice for managers to choose an Assistant Manager *Who would not be able to sign up as a player* this can be a friend who will help them with the vital decisions; lineups, auction etc etc. This usually would be delegated to the Captain, however captains could never really choose if they were going to be a captain or not. This way this gets rid of people being forced into an almost co-managerial position by becoming a captain and this way it can be willingly chosen to ensure everyone is satisfied and less effort can be spent helping the manager and more time focusing on games. Captains will still be able to comment and help the managers of course, but this will be a lot less relied on by the captain and more so for the manager & co-manager to do. If people don't want a co-manager they can simply opt out, arguably they will be putting themselves at a disadvantage but this is their own choice. I see the argument of "just get a friend to support u xddd" but this way the person who is helping will actually get a great deal of credit for helping and being apart of the brains of the PSL success a manager may have. I am unsure on how to work in a potential pay for the winning co manager, but I'm sure it could be raised some how. I believe a separate sign up for people who want to co-manage on the manager sign up thread would be optimal.
  9. shhh, don't sign up for NU unless you will play it 100 times again pls noob
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