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  1. Me all edit: me 1? Since u won’t take all 3
  2. Team Name : NoRematch Team Tag : NORE Players : LifeStyle / LeJovi. / Kevola / iJulianFNT / Rendi / Kimikozen / aftershocker / Lotus / Zymogen / SweeTforU / Butler / Drayyton / abstractt / UmbraMol / Luke Cheerleaders: stairway / DeadGorilla / iMythic / PizzaSpitterGary / Tian Captain : LifeStyle
  3. Thanks devs for it being nearly a whole month, 29 upvotes and you couldn’t even make a 5 minute post about this <3
  4. When I win it u can buy it off me
  5. @Edniss any update what's going on with this lotto?
  6. Wouldn’t it have been easier to use gtl..
  7. Dungeons are so cool and epic and awesome I love moderators and admins god bless them all. I died lmaoo RIP zymos 14 likes. God bless his soul
  8. Are you still taking tickets for this? I wanna buy but it appears you aren’t even noting ticket buyers anymore?
  9. Continuing my role as NORE forum posting slave. IGN: LifeStyle Timezone: GMT +1 Tiers: OU/NU Disclaimer: I'm pretty busy with exams and shit until like late June, so don't expect me to be a tryhard. I guess you could say my "inactivity" will let me down ;). Also don't bother getting me at all if you're one of the trash managers. Something else to farm likes: #Inactive #ShinyMenceThough #ShinyManecToo??? #CoolioTRASH
  10. basically just NORE's sign up slave since everyone's banned...
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