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  1. Mfw I play this week to play @drdray and he’s OU2
  2. Me vs blue in 10 and or when I connect to my hotspot
  3. Me vs blue whenever he finishes his tour
  4. @calidubstep I hope the 50+ obvious fake accounts which voted for bestfriends will be removed. As much as I’d like to believe Daryls mum and sister play this game I strongly doubt it..
  5. 500k on me vs bluebreath taken by @Umbramol
  6. I don’t agree with the bred shiny perfect part but, I think there should be like a 50k entry fee or whatever for almost all tours. Something small which anyone could pay but could add up 50k x 64 is decent money which could be put into future prizes imo. Small price to pay for more tours/longevity of tours.
  7. Uh, Matt is already playing?
  8. idk why the size is kind of messed up but uh... afk
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