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  1. I need alot of breeds done and ev training to go with it, if you can breed or ev train (or both, even better.) let me know. I need budget and perfect. The IVS I will need bred: 2x31 3x27+ 3x31 3x27+ 3x31 2x30 3x31 3x30 Etc. I want these bred in bulk (Talking around 15-20mils worth) If you think you have the time and patience to breed for me could be an ez 20m. Message me to arrange fair prices on both sides. (1.2m for a 3x31 2x30 is not a fair price to me.) (if you're one of my regular breeders and i didnt msg u first dont be offended lo, just lmk in pms if ur down.) uhh also ev training around 50k max pls ill need about 20 mons ev trained soonTM + lvling IGN: Luke Discord: Lvke#7771 Or just message me on the forums.
  2. Lvkee

    Player Titles

    Ok this is epic
  3. do me a good deal for eel and druddi pls Lo. <3
  4. one step ahead of me smh was about to do this
  5. So as everyone pretty much knows NU and UU matchmaking is fairly dead. So I thought I'd make a thread for when anyone is gonna hop on; they say it here and get a few other people on too. Maybe we could even arrange set times on set days to try and revive this feature, as the ability to play NU and UU is there but no one uses it. Collectively maybe we can get this ball rolling and actually get some matches, it's a long shot but as NU and UU tours fill I don't see why we can't have active matchmaking for the two. There's now a discord server for arranging matchmaking battles: https://discord.gg/Tk8PHRx (If you are interested in playing NU or UU ladder i would highly recommend joining here as it will be alot more active than this thread)
  6. im done. i give up. i cant do this shit no more
  7. nthin to see here. Move along
  8. this... any comp player will already have the Non-Shiny Pokemon's set plus all the other viable ones to go with it. I really don't understand why non shiny prizes are spammed out, I think I speak for most when I'd just prefer to see a buffed $$ prize...
  9. (last one got smited) I'm bored so ill be taking all OU wagers, pls be reasonable with the price im a broke boi.. try to stay in the region of 100-500k ty fk other tiers OU Only (made an exception for my bb) IGN: Luke Discord: Lvke#7771 OU: 1-0
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