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  1. (peru) dariomg vs (germany) blizzardgg in 15min
  2. DarioMG(peru) vs BlizzardGG(germany) Friday 11am UTC-5 / 6pm UTC+1
  3. Rest of America [0] vs [0] Argentina UU1: MomoLaPepa vs IWiriketchup (100k) NU2: TomaselioMP vs Souu (150k) Rest of Asia [0] vs [0] Rest of Europe DB: Kamowanthere vs OrangeManiac (300k) Venezuela Arepera [0] vs [0] Venezuela Criolla OU1: EpicVerde vs Zeknshooter (100k) taken by ZacMorales USA [0] vs [0] Philippines AdoBoiz UU1: xSparkie vs RareBush (100k) taken by Sebat LC: Cali vs Taleng (100k) Mexico [0] vs [0] Portugal UU2: Sickloonerr vs Razimove (100k) taken by Sebat Philippines SiniGang [0] vs [0] Rest of Latam NU2: GhostWalk vs Cristi (100k)
  4. In-Game Name: BlizzardGG Country: Germany Preferred Tiers: UU, NU Personal Note: time to yeet
  5. welcome and enjoy your stay
  6. welcome and enjoy your stay
  7. Saturday 2nd May 2020: UU: Sebat vs BlizzardGG Time: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html?iso=20200428T170000&p1=37&p2=232
  8. IGN: BlizzardGG Country: Germany Tiers: ON/UU/NU
  9. enjoy your stay // willkommen haku
  10. cmon... its to late for me to participate - screw those shitty time zones good luck to all participants
  11. same same also after turn 1 - i could see every mon of my opponent (all 6 mon were visable as their icon)
  12. welcome back ma bruda
  13. u mean @Stark Mountain ? cuz i checked coronet and it was wrong that information @pikabuuh
  14. welcome and enjoy your stay
  15. i agree with gbwead as an uu player also supporting other tiers like lc/dubs and nu is very important like many other ppl said already *edit* dont forget to upvote
  16. @pikabuuh great guide but for high lvl evs near pcs(poke center) hoenn --> tentacruel lvl 50~ battle zone for spdef
  17. 25.10.19: NU – 21 Uhr || 7PM UTC || 3PM ET || 4PM BRT Bracket: https://challonge.com/de/sdwatnue 3 of 5 tournaments finished 01. place: @Cristi - 15 points --> price: 1.0m02. place: @LostOnYou - 12 points --> price: 750k03. place: @MiraiZura - 10 points --> price: 250k04. place: @MadeInHeaven - 8 points05. place: @EagleMana - 6 points06. place: @urquidi - 4 points07. place: @juaie - 2 points08. place: @CamilaKawaiiChan - 1 point Thx to all players who participated
  18. in round about 30min --> NU tournament will start at verm ch2 to enter the tournament: whsp me in game or post here
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