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  1. BlizzardGG

    World Cup week #4

  2. BlizzardGG

    World Cup week #4

    Uu: Shiforinfulasvs blizzardGG now
  3. BlizzardGG

    World Cup week #3

    Uu: Aurumpegasus vs blizzardGG Our match is starting now
  4. BlizzardGG

    [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    last shiny: 04/08/17 was torkoal
  5. BlizzardGG

    Upcoming Update and Dungeons

    I can not answer for the devs. But i think with that announcement they did. The devs want to motivate the old and new player to continue this game. Maybe they want to show us how important is this game to them. Sure it is questionable,why they donot show us any logs like they did with other patches (pts with unova). The guys behind this have their reasons of course. I am also excited if the dungeons hit the live server and i am also frustrated that there are no logs or information about it. Why it takes so long. We have to endure it and to blame the devs is a shame (imo).
  6. BlizzardGG

    [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    31/12/2018 (not mine)
  7. 29 big robot parts & 7 tiny robot parts
  8. chaos: celestial tower > litwick (100%) first floor mineral: wellspring cave > roggenrola (50% cuz of woobat) i do not know a better place than that
  9. BlizzardGG

    [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    my last shiny was at 1500h and now i reach almost the 4k h... no further shiny so far
  10. i like your idea behind it :) but the rewards for UU & NU are trash (imo, sry to be rude) like: why shoud i choose this? it saves time of course, but i do it by my own and sometime i can find some items for $$$ the next thing is... let me say your current rewards are finally and they will be implemented so... why should i play UU or NU maybe for SIlver Bottle & Gold Bottle if the possibilty exists that i can get those rewards (with luck) of playing OU also the rewards of OU are cheaper, where those bottles are than the NU rewards *i hope my english is understandable*
  11. BlizzardGG

    Here i am, Again!

  12. BlizzardGG

    Quck question

    *2XXX´╗┐ damn you got me
  13. BlizzardGG

    Quck question

    soon(tm) 20XX

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