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  1. TeamName: Schienenersatzverkehr IGN: BlizzardGG - Captain IGN: GodkingEsranius IGN: RELuc IGN: XXXXXXX
  2. never put up your hopes cuz SRIF!!!
  3. i spoke to rox maybe 2 or 3 times (not that much as other ppl did) and its hard to believe that she passed away but this 2 or 3 times i spoke to her, gave me the feeling that she was a nice and cheerful person also she tried to cheer up other ppl, if they were sad i cant express myself enough about this topic :/ cuz im bad in english and i did not know her so well but may she rest in peace <3
  4. understandable ^^ and my intention was not that this idea should be for everybody rather the idea is lacking something (imo) -> to combine this idea with something like a ranking (pvp ranking) cuz i think this idea is nice and we can optimize it
  5. i told my point of view cuz it seems (for me) there is lacking something
  6. as i said your idea is interesting especially for shiny hunter but for pvp`ler like me... it seems a bit useless (i do not mean it rude) cuz only the background would change
  7. interesting but could you @andreuh tell me a meaningfull purpose ?
  8. https://imgur.com/a/oyOEEFT shiny basculin killed itself with final gambit... last shiny: 4012h new shiny: 4299h
  9. I can not answer for the devs. But i think with that announcement they did. The devs want to motivate the old and new player to continue this game. Maybe they want to show us how important is this game to them. Sure it is questionable,why they donot show us any logs like they did with other patches (pts with unova). The guys behind this have their reasons of course. I am also excited if the dungeons hit the live server and i am also frustrated that there are no logs or information about it. Why it takes so long. We have to endure it and to blame the devs is a shame (imo).
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