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  1. almost every date would be fine for me
  2. @Breadlicious hey dude, can you make some awesome guild banners ?
  3. friends ? never heard of it before
  4. thats true but i guess not so much as you may think it was a proposal of mine (something in this range -> $100 minimum) do you want to play other games too ? or is pokemmo the only game cuz this decision could safe money :D
  5. i would say gen5 has 3D content and like @WildHodor said range of 100‚ā¨/$ and higher? (wahtever) ? if yes, that shoud be fine
  6. Your Name: GodKingEsranius Your Partner's Name: RELuc Your Team Name: Inkompetenzkompensationskompetenz Your Name: BlizzardGG Your Partner's Name: Wildhodor Your Team Name: Mehrwertsteuerharmonierungskompromisslösungskommissionsbeschluß Your Name: XAlphaPascalX Your Partner's Name: MrPulsar Your Team Name: Linksradikalenrechtsschutzversicherung
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