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  1. Whatever band Adam will be in, it will still be awesome.
  2. @aftershocker
  3. If it's like Kevola said, yeah, Nosepass won't be in it but still, NU have some great shiny if you put just those with a good usage. And you won't have shit like rattata or caterpie.
  4. Maybe one more con, it could be less interesting to enter a big tourney series like The Legend of the Steel Bird. Or maybe I just say shit.. @LifeStyle read kevola's idea, it could be what you need.
  5. You know what I mean, don't play stupid. NU tiers have more bad shiny than others, just that. But yeah, you could also have a big one like Nosepass or claydol.
  6. Don't play NU and you will not have shit shiny.
  7. Arrow is bad since season 3, Legend is real shit since the first episode and Flash is meh. Some episode are good and others are really bad.
  8. Found that a few weeks ago, not bad. Just don't watch the video.
  9. Choice of two colors: Grey and black ( Like this one ) Name: Heniway Render: Mightyena