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  1. Such requirments just to join a shitty afk line.... I like it.
  2. I like it.. Reminds me of my training days, if one fucks up everyone will be punished. It teaches discipline and also leads to people working as a team by encouraging others not to do stupid shit. If someone doesn't learn and continues to be a selfish uguu... You're welcom to perm ban him. +1
  3. @EcoSolarHD Post it in the unofficial tournaments section located in the competition alley. As for challonge, you simply create the bracket and share the link with the participants so they can view it.
  4. You need to reach slateport city in order to take the ferry back to Kanto, not sure if it has changed though...and there was never a rollback option unless you decide to create a new character
  5. Thanks for the stream, it's looking pretty good!
  6. Caught my shines in the following order... - Sentret - Bulbasaur - Ponyta - Pidgey (iirc) Had a friend hold 2 of them because I always gave them away and that fucker releases the pidgey SMH...
  7. Looks pretty good, couple things can be improved though... I'm not diggin the tree background for the trainer card and Pokemon summary. Also, on the battle screen, can you make it like a sold dark green color or maybe add a bulba image (where you select moves) I'm not into those stripes tbh. Also, I might be going above and beyond with this one but might as well share the idea. Some creators ave the ability to change the friend icon, is it possible you can change it to like a bulba icon, that would be great. Thank you for making this theme, I was looking for a new one to use since all the old ones are outdated.
  8. I would of spectated.
  9. I actually got no regrets, was pretty fun when I was active in this game. Made a lot of friends and a few enemies/fgts that hated my guts for no reason. The best moments was when I hosted tournaments, majority of the people seemed to love them except for the haters. - Hassan
  10. Hi, shiny goku. These look absolutely beautiful, I hope you have the time to make me one. Choice of two colors: White and Brown Name: Johnson101 Team: none Render:
  11. No render @Imperial
  12. IGN: Jhonson101 Team: Emps Nation Additional Text: Proud member since 2011 Background: