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  1. Frequently asked questions.

    Just wanted to ask how you been bro, long time no talk...
  2. *Results* Evolution Art Contest

    Your art is pretty amazing, you should really create a topic in the creative media thread! I enjoyed looking at all of them :)
  3. Frequently asked questions.

    I got a question
  4. ~30 Days to go until Unova

    Sadly I won't be able to play until new years. Post as many videos/screenshots on forums please!
  5. Pokemon as a Pet

    If it was implemented your way @Tackle it would turn into dead content quicker than secret bases. If it's one thing I hate is seeing a devs waste their time implementing more dead content, and it would absolutely make no sense to make this optional... people will turn the feature off ofcourse. I honestly don't find the idea ridiculous, many other mmos have a similar feature (including pokemon mmos that I have come across) and people are usually happy to interact with their pokemon. Again, this is a mmo.... your pokemon aren't slaves that simply fight for you or to just be thrown either in the pc or in daycare to make babies for you. We might lose players but it would be a very low number, players will adapt to the concept.
  6. Pokemon as a Pet

    Why even stop there though? Since this is a MMO, players should keep their pokemon healthy/alive by feeding them. Of course there has to be pokemon food implemented for such thing so I suggest adding pokeblocks to all pokemarts. I suggest that players should feed their pokemon every 10 hours or they will die from starvation. I would also like for our characters to get hungry/thirsty as well, we are not gods we need to eat/drink something at some point. Pros: Money sink, makes the game feel like a MMO and not your every day gameboy game. Cons: triggered players but that's ok they will eventually get over it.
  7. Value Advice

    Ya, I sold mine to noop just checking if it's still the same. Thanks
  8. Value Advice

    Shiny bulbasaur, thank you.
  9. Dailys

    This would really give teams a purpose other than team tournaments. I really like the idea, but I wouldn't want the system to focus on teams only. There are players that do not have teams or simply don't want to be apart of one... they shouldn't be forced to join a team to do said daily assignments. I still stand with my idea to implement a shop to use these points. Also, instead of a vote to remove a assignment... we can add a money sink. I suggest the developers should add a quest guide npc that assigns the daily quests. If a player isn't satisfied with the quest/assignment they were given they can simply pay a set amount of like yen/quest points to skip it. Edit: Raids/dungeons is probably the best way to give teams a purpose. Maybe we can add a clan war type feature in pokemmo? Like add a ranked matchmaking for teams if that's possible. Teams must have atleast 3 players of the same clan tag sign up in order to enter... I know this is off topic, thought I should just share my opinion.
  10. Forfeit Button

    This would be very convenient for comp players. Iirc this idea has been suggested multiple times and I really don't see any negatives to it. Unless we bring in ranked matchmaking into account, maybe players can get easy bp???
  11. A new place for completed players?

    I don't see why Nintendo would take the game down but why would developers split the community even more? We already have 2 regions and they're working on a third. We even might have more regions in the future, I don't think it would be a smart move to make. I would like some vanity you can wear to show off that you completed certain regions. For example: max cape in runescape.
  12. Dailys

    I agree with daily activities, but the reward system should be better. The developers should introduce a new currency let's name it PokeCoin for now. Everytime a player completes a daily activity they will earn a set amount of PokeCoins depending on the difficulty of the task. Daily activity reward shop: This is where players will spend their PokeCoins. Items can be a set amount of any type of ball (excluding master ball ofcourse), exclusive vanity items and tms. There should also be a small cash reward with completing activities for noobs that need the help.
  13. The Best of Youtube!

    I wonder why those two at the end were fighting, dude must of ate his sandwich that he handcrafted to perfection. Happens to me all the time smh

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