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  1. Logo Designers

    So here's the deal guys... I know we have many talented members in this community. I will be opening up my own shop and I need a logo, the shop will be focused on gadgets. The store is heavy base on gadgets ranging from household to survival gadgets. Requirements: 500x500~1000x1000 pixels Maximum file size is 4mb Designers please send me a .psd and a .png file in order for me to pay you for them. Payment: -removed- Don't worry, this won't benefit anyone in-game so it won't be considered a real world trade since I'm paying for services that has absolutely nothing to do with the game itself. I'm also not asking for a signature, so this is mainly regarding a logo which makes it a assistance thread and not a request thread. If this does locked for any reason at all, feel free to contact me through pm or by the following email. -removed- Thank you for your time, can't wait to see what you guys can create!
  2. Bug Type Valentines Day

    Yes, I will be your valitine.
  3. Trying To Track Down My Long Lost Shiny

    A picture will surely help us track it down for you.i have the goons on the look out as we speak.
  4. I hope you guys don't mind, I joined the club to wish @TheChampionMike a happy birthday. Hopefully many more to come my brotha! Take it easy on them ladies
  5. [PSL9] Player Registration

    IGN: Hassyy Timezone: Est (USA- New York) Fluff: played about 2 seasons, was pretty fun. I usually go for about 1k and I do work worthy of a 20k+ player. Most Preferred Manager: doc or forfi pretty cool people. Least Preferred Manager: none
  6. Happy New Year 2018!

    Happy New Year!
  7. Frequently asked questions.

    Just wanted to ask how you been bro, long time no talk...
  8. Frequently asked questions.

    I got a question
  9. ~30 Days to go until Unova

    Sadly I won't be able to play until new years. Post as many videos/screenshots on forums please!
  10. Pokemon as a Pet

    If it was implemented your way @Tackle it would turn into dead content quicker than secret bases. If it's one thing I hate is seeing a devs waste their time implementing more dead content, and it would absolutely make no sense to make this optional... people will turn the feature off ofcourse. I honestly don't find the idea ridiculous, many other mmos have a similar feature (including pokemon mmos that I have come across) and people are usually happy to interact with their pokemon. Again, this is a mmo.... your pokemon aren't slaves that simply fight for you or to just be thrown either in the pc or in daycare to make babies for you. We might lose players but it would be a very low number, players will adapt to the concept.
  11. Pokemon as a Pet

    Why even stop there though? Since this is a MMO, players should keep their pokemon healthy/alive by feeding them. Of course there has to be pokemon food implemented for such thing so I suggest adding pokeblocks to all pokemarts. I suggest that players should feed their pokemon every 10 hours or they will die from starvation. I would also like for our characters to get hungry/thirsty as well, we are not gods we need to eat/drink something at some point. Pros: Money sink, makes the game feel like a MMO and not your every day gameboy game. Cons: triggered players but that's ok they will eventually get over it.
  12. Value Advice

    Ya, I sold mine to noop just checking if it's still the same. Thanks
  13. Value Advice

    Shiny bulbasaur, thank you.

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