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  1. [Sig] [Avatar] Free Sigs By Vig

    Item (Signature/Avatar/Both): Both Size: Whatever looks best. Not the best with this kinda thing. Render: Dewott Color Scheme: Again, what ever you think will work best. Text if any: ThatOneFurry
  2. The next generation is ...

    OMG YES! So excited now haha! Thanks for telling me :D
  3. The next generation is ...

    Is this confirmed?! If so then I am SO HYPED!!!!
  4. The next generation is ...

    I am hoping Sinnoh because we will be 1 step closer to me getting my Dewott haha. Plus Luxray is in Sinnoh and its one of my faves.
  5. [Sig] [Art] Brook's one stop signature and chibi shop!

    Thanks so much, it looks great!!! Just realised you need to be on the forums for 3 days so cant use it until tomorrow haha
  6. [Sig] [Art] Brook's one stop signature and chibi shop!

    Signature questions: Text: ThatOneFurry Team (If you want it added): - Character/Pokemon: Dewott Background: Maybe something like a beach or underwater. Whatever you think will be best. Animation: If you want to you can make the text animated but again, whatever you think is best. Donation amount (If there is one): If we ever see each other in-game Ill give you a little something :D

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