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  1. Item (Signature/Avatar/Both): Both Size: Whatever looks best. Not the best with this kinda thing. Render: Dewott Color Scheme: Again, what ever you think will work best. Text if any: ThatOneFurry
  2. OMG YES! So excited now haha! Thanks for telling me :D
  3. Is this confirmed?! If so then I am SO HYPED!!!!
  4. I am hoping Sinnoh because we will be 1 step closer to me getting my Dewott haha. Plus Luxray is in Sinnoh and its one of my faves.
  5. Thanks so much, it looks great!!! Just realised you need to be on the forums for 3 days so cant use it until tomorrow haha
  6. Signature questions: Text: ThatOneFurry Team (If you want it added): - Character/Pokemon: Dewott Background: Maybe something like a beach or underwater. Whatever you think will be best. Animation: If you want to you can make the text animated but again, whatever you think is best. Donation amount (If there is one): If we ever see each other in-game Ill give you a little something :D