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  1. Never change your avatar.

    1. Munya


      Yeah I'd be thrown off if he ever did

  2. hidden power steel has both even and odd special defense ivs.  i made a very similar guide a long time ago, you can check it in my sig and use whatever for this thread if you'd like.
  3. walter where u been? come online plox / post in team thread plox / i love you / i neeeed u

  4. u like my posts i like u bby ;))))))

  5. +1   i don't think it would slow down matches.  you make a move, your opponent hasn't yet, you realize you may have made a mistake, you hit "cancel," your opponent is still making a move.   if your opponent makes a move before you make a decision, you no longer have an opportunity to correct your mistake and the move you selected before you hit cancel would be executed   if your opponent doesn't make a move before you reselect your attack, you still have to wait for your opponent to make theirs as you do now but your pokemon will instead use the move you truly want.
  6. controller

    PVP Forfeit

    it's been suggested before (https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/5305-surrender-option/?hl=forfeit) but i'd like to present this idea again.   pros: no extra time wasted in what seems like an unwinnable battle no need to disconnect if something comes up irl that precludes you from finishing a battle that you started potentially the text after a forfeit would read "[player that didn't forfeit] defeated [player that forfeited]!  so no potential draw.   cons: potential forfeit button misclicks (could be avoided with an "are you sure?" text box) people don't get to see their opponent's team be completely decimated (boohoo)   personally my big pain with this is that i play while i'm at work.  i play mostly friendly games and sometimes i'll have a customer come in i have to deal with for a few minutes.  that's not a long time by any means but it is in the context of a battle.  i'd rather forfeit then make my opponent wait for the afk button to appear.  i'd also rather forfeit than straight up disconnect because i don't want to have to log in again and potentially miss any team or whisper messages.  moreover, i have had painfully long battles that make me want to quit whether i think i can win or not.   i'm not a fan of the idea proposed in the previous thread of letting your opponent accept or reject your surrender.  if they chose to reject my surrender i'd just disconnect.
  7.   just checked on this thread again and noticed you gave it a real good look over.  THANK YOU.  i will make these changes.   and just to clarify so i don't seem like i wasn't paying attention when i made this list, the grumpig/thick fat thing was a matter of formatting.  snorlax and azumarill were listed in their respective 1/2x and 1/4x lists as some Snorlax or some Azumarrill vs grumpig's (can have Thick Fat) entries.
  8. thank u can't belive i forgot to put that there
  9. bump, reorganized a little and added a note to help players recognize what signs to look for that a pokemon's hidden power sucks before they spend too much time training it to find out. will add more tricks as i think of them, and still looking for hidden power suggestions.
  10. good eye. thanks. i'll have to go over this again later to make sure i counted everything up and organized correctly.
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