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  1. Hi! Corsola looks so jolly in your pic: THE PIC THAT MAKES EVERYONE HAPPY
  2. @Moetal No way I could buy that! We all know it's a lot of work to do but you have no idea how much people enjoy your work. Don't you think it's a chance to make a step forward? I've been personally always been dreaming about moemon sprites for gen 4 and 5. Maybe I don't understand all the trouble you have making all of those but it doesn't make me happy hearing that.
  3. I don't see this anywhere so just sharin'.
  4. True that. But you still haven't seen my true form! ... what HEY, your question is missing something... But yes, I am. :^) :^))) :^)))))))))) No jokes.
  5. Thank youuuu :> @Bestfriends Now my hungriness is shared with someone else. I feel less hungry! SURE. YOUR CHANNELS REALLY INTEREST ME! ;^) I'll be following you better than a stalker.
  6. Hello everyone! :DDDDDDDD Of course I will have fun. There's a guy holding a gun to my head telling me to have fun so I have no choice but to have fun. :^) Sure, that doctor sure seems like a trustworthy person.
  7. Helloooo! LittlePea here! ... Well, I wanted to call myself GreenPea but it was already taken. Sad for me... forever... AS YOU HAVE GUESSED, I just love peas. Doesn't matter how green or little they are, they're so sweet and tasty! ... urgh I shouldn't have talked about them, I'm starting to be hungry now. Anyway! I just turned 16 on february. Feelin' old and all but I can't go back! :^( It's just like this game, it doesn't have a save button, everything is automatically saved and you can't change what already happened, especially when you throw a precious one of a kind item.... ... Okay for real now. I'm bad at staying still in one subject D:< I'm currently a high school student and I don't have much time for playing, though I do it whenever I feel lonely. It cheers me up! no wait I always feel like having a blank mind when I do I've been playing PokéMMO for around a year now, took a break six months ago and just came back as LittlePea last Sunday. I'm also recording my adventure, if you'd like to see it it's just heeere~ Other than that, even when I knew this game for that long, I had never the courage of coming here, to the forum. Now everyone, have a GREAT DAY! I hope you don't find this so messy... :^)
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