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  1. BUMP! Milotic, Arcanine, Phanphy, Vaporeon and Ampharos sold.
  2. Bump. Updated and organized the shop Added breeding service
  3. Bone's Shop Breeding Service Budget Comp Breeds Natured 1x31 4x27 = 290k Natured 2x31 3x25 = 330k Natured 2x31 3x27 = 380k Natured 3x31 2x25 = 450k Natured 3x31 2x27 = 540k Natured 3x31 3x25 = 620k Comp Breeds Natured 2x31 = 170k Natured 3x31 = 340k Natured 4x31 = 580k Natured 5x31 = 1.1m 1 Free Egg Move +10k per move 21k genders +25k per 31 IV 9k genders +13k per 31 IV NO Genderless or Happiness Breeding (To avoid scams and have a legit business I need at least half of the cash upfront. Hope you understand) IGN: xBadBones ——————————————————————————————— Comps For Sale/Trade Over Used Tier Under Used Tier Never Used Tier/Untiered
  4. I just logged in to my accounts and none of my characters are there! Help please
  5. It's the wrong e-mail, I got so many e-mails that I don't know which one it is.
  6. I'm sorry I'm so late hahaha, do you still want your sig?
  7. Hi, I got a problem, I forgot the username for my account, I know the character's name and the password but I can't remember the user as I haven't logged-in in a while. I've tried going on the forgot username thingy but it's the wrong e-mail so I don't know what I can do. Thanks to anyone who can try and help me with this. My username IG is xBadBones by the way in case the admins can get my username from that.
  8. Real got a little unlucky this game but Messi played amazingly. Suarez hasn't scored yet though.
  9. Oh alright. My bad xD but yeah true, I remember the game against Benfica at Estádio da Luz where you guys dominated the game but ended up losing the game.
  10. Actually Borussia Dortmund is pretty good with defending set-pieces, they're weakness are the aerial duels though.
  11. Why do you wanna know? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) And hey welcome to PokeMMO! :D
  12. Hey! Welcome to the forums and welcome back to the game :D
  13. Real Madrid - Atlético Madrid Juventus - Mónaco I'd say Real and Juve get through, Mónaco can surprise though. Don't think Atlético can win against Real as they are yet to win against them this season.
  14. Thanks for the donation and just Bones is fine :)
  15. Will try to make yours tomorrow if I can but I might be really busy this week, sorry.
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