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  1. It's the wrong e-mail, I got so many e-mails that I don't know which one it is.
  2. I'm sorry I'm so late hahaha, do you still want your sig?
  3. Hi, I got a problem, I forgot the username for my account, I know the character's name and the password but I can't remember the user as I haven't logged-in in a while. I've tried going on the forgot username thingy but it's the wrong e-mail so I don't know what I can do. Thanks to anyone who can try and help me with this. My username IG is xBadBones by the way in case the admins can get my username from that.
  4. Real got a little unlucky this game but Messi played amazingly. Suarez hasn't scored yet though.
  5. Oh alright. My bad xD but yeah true, I remember the game against Benfica at Estádio da Luz where you guys dominated the game but ended up losing the game.
  6. Actually Borussia Dortmund is pretty good with defending set-pieces, they're weakness are the aerial duels though.
  7. Real Madrid - Atlético Madrid Juventus - Mónaco I'd say Real and Juve get through, Mónaco can surprise though. Don't think Atlético can win against Real as they are yet to win against them this season.
  8. Thanks for the donation and just Bones is fine :)
  9. Will try to make yours tomorrow if I can but I might be really busy this week, sorry.
  10. Here you go Star, I hope you like it :D
  11. Didn't have many ideas for what background I should add but I hope you like it, tell me if you want me to change anything! edit: Here is a color corrected one, use whichever one you like
  12. There are two Izumi's on that anime, is it Sagiri Izumi or Masamune Izumi?
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