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  1. BurgoRD

    Value Advice

    What value would it have? Nature=Gentle
  2. Well, for Halloween, the event should vary a bit from 2 or leave it normal as it was in previous years
  3. They have not yet implemented it, surely in the new update they introduce it
  4. Well of one I can not tell you, but of kanto everyone is in vermilion pokemon
  5. is because they are working putting the white forest in white pokemon and black forest in black pokemon
  6. Some of the Hispanic community giving the Closing to the last Saturday of 2017
  7. Farmea much son you will need it when you finish the league and others
  8. BurgoRD

    Halloween 2017

    There will be boss this year? or will it be the pumpkin king
  9. How do I make a signature of those? Please tell me
  10. How can I make a signature of those? Please tell me
  11. The Proxima Genracion will become more difficult the PvP with more pokemons
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