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  1. first of all very good analysis but: In addition to being intimidated, having a salamence covers the entire team very well since with a little wear Draco Meteor can kill practically any Pokemon that bothers the Garchomp sweep. and its a more aggressive option i like use rotom or tyranitar for to cover climates but I use a lot more to tyranitar i wouldn't call it filler because it is very important to avoid a sweep from some sun, rain etc
  2. 1/10 just because they drew the rockstar
  3. garchomp ttar salamence togekiss gastrodon metagross best team ever
  4. Semi Finals Belgium 0 - 0 Mexico UU - Mkns VS KokenoCastro NU - Kriliin VS Mexidani @Kamowanthere Doubles - iMat VS Crisscy SMOU - LLLLiolae With 4 L's VS CamiNeko Columbia A 0 -0 Shame Argentina A OU - BrianAttackPro VS Azzazz(100k-500k) @Kamowanthere UU - Yaritan VS Souu(100k-500k) Nu - Jamesfaul VS Wiriketchup(100k-500k) LC - Enchanteur VS GasaiYunoSan (100k-500k) Doubles - IJulianFNT Vs Titoooo (1m only @iJulian can take) @iJulian SMOU - Zeldris VS LKrenz (100k-500k) ign: TiToooo void sub/timer win 1m arg won 100k not specified
  5. TiToooo garchomp salamence metagross togekiss gastrodon tyranitar
  6. @GuaPizzz ign? @SweeTforU owe me 500k @typetheory owe me 200k
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